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Buy silver bars

Investing in silver bars is interesting for entrepreneurs who can reclaim VAT. As an entrepreneur, it offers you an additional opportunity to insure the assets in your company. When you buy silver as a private investor you can also buy silver coins, which are easier to trade, less expensive and represent a higher market value. If you want to buy silver on behalf of a company: silver bars are your best option!

Buy silver bars at the best price

At The Silver Mountain you can buy silver bars at the best price. Silver bars can be purchased from The Silver Mountain in quantities from 50 grams to 10 kilograms. We only supply silver bars from authorised manufacturers, such as Umicore. The displayed silver price is inclusive of VAT, and we can offer silver bars at very competitive prices because we buy directly from melters and private vendors.

Investing in silver bars

Investing in silver bars is an interesting option for entrepreneurs who can reclaim the VAT. The interest rate on savings is currently very low, so you could opt to convert your capital into silver bars to benefit from a potential price increase. In addition, it offers you - the entrepreneur - the extra option to secure the capital in the company (B.V.). Would you like to buy silver bars as a private investor? Then we recommend that you opt to buy silver coins instead.

Buying silver bars and reclaiming the VAT

Buying silver bars is often an interesting option if you wish to invest in silver bars as a business. This is because you can reclaim the VAT. Silver bars are taxed at 21% VAT, because silver bars are considered a raw, industrial, material. However, this does not apply to silver coins, as these are traded under the “margeregeling” (margin scheme).

Silver bars are taxed at 21% VAT. If you buy these silver bars through your company, you can usually reclaim the VAT and thereby cheaply invest in silver bars. The silver then forms part of your company assets or operating reserve and this allows you to convert part of your capital into physical silver. As soon as your company sells the silver again, you must charge 21% VAT on the sale.

Made of 99.9% pure silver

All the silver bars that we trade are made of 99.9% pure silver. In addition, all silver bars are "LBMA" accredited and have the so-called "Good Delivery" status. This means that the bars can be traded with precious metal traders without further analysis and that the authenticity and the silver concentration are guaranteed by the smelters. If you decide to sell your silver bars in the future, then we offer our best buy-back guarantee; We will buy back the silver bars and silver coins at market prices.

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