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1 troy ounce gold collectible coins

Purchase 1 troy ounce golden collectors coins

At The Silver Mountain, you can buy 1 troy ounce gold collectible coins. Our coins are sourced from reputable mints and feature a minimum gold purity of 99.9%. Invest in high-quality gold coins today and enhance your collection with these valuable assets.

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1 Troy ounce gold coin Krugerrand Proof front
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Buy 1 troy ounce gold collectible coins

At The Silver Mountain, you are at the right place for purchasing 1 troy ounce gold collectible coins. These coins stand out from 1 troy ounce gold bullion coins for several reasons.

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1 troy ounce gold collectible coins often feature a limited mintage, special quality, and/or come in a unique presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

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There are several well-known 1 troy ounce gold collectible coins. In our assortment, we regularly offer the following series. These coins typically have a limited mintage and cannot be reordered once sold out:

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  • Gold Krugerrand in proof quality
  • Gold Lunar
  • Gold Australian Emu
  • Gold Tudor Beasts
  • Gold Queens Beasts
  • Gold Myths and Legends

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The 1 troy ounce size

These coins are minted in the 1 troy ounce size, equivalent to 31.103 grams. In addition to the 1 troy ounce size, we also offer fractional coins in our assortment.

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Presentation box with certificate of authenticity

1 troy ounce collectible coins are often delivered in a presentation box along with a certificate of authenticity. This will be specified in the product description.
These coins typically have a limited mintage, making them available in limited quantities. Once our stock is depleted, we cannot reorder these coins.

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Frequently asked questions about buying 1 troy ounce gold collectible coins

Are collectible coins a good investment?

Collectible coins can be a good investment, but this depends on several factors. Collectible coins can be valuable for various reasons. Many are issued in limited editions, which can lead to scarcity and thereby increase in value over time. Collectible coins can also be valuable due to their design, craftsmanship, and historical significance, making them appealing to collectors.

Why are collectible coins more expensive than bullion coins?

Collectible coins have a higher premium above the spot price of gold compared to bullion coins. This is because bullion coins are produced in large quantities, whereas collectible coins are often made in limited editions. Additionally, the production process of collectible coins requires more time and craftsmanship. These coins are often delivered with unique and artistic designs, presentation packaging, and certificates of authenticity.

What is the difference between gold collectible coins and gold bullion coins?

Gold collectible coins are produced with a focus on aesthetics, historical value, and rarity. They are often limited in mintage and crafted with more expertise and time, sometimes in proof quality for superior finish. These coins are intended for collectors who value the artistic and historical aspects of coins, in addition to their financial worth.


Gold bullion coins, on the other hand, are primarily intended as investments in gold. They are produced in large quantities and their value is mainly based on the current price of gold. These coins are purchased to own gold as an asset, as a hedge against inflation, or as part of an investment diversification strategy.

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