Purchasing gold at The Silver Mountain

At The Silver Mountain, you can buy gold at the best price in the Netherlands. We supply the most renowned gold investment coins such at the Maple Leaf and Krugerrand, and other renowned coins. Additionally, we offer gold bars from recognized producers. Our gold bars have the Good Delivery status and are easily tradable worldwide. The gold investment coins of the current vintage are sourced from recognized producers and are offered in new condition.

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Buy gold at the Silver Mountain

At The Silver Mountain, you can easily and safely buy gold online. Our gold comes from recognised producers and its authenticity is guaranteed by us. We also give a buy-back guarantee for all gold bars and gold coins we sell, so you can be sure of an easy sales process the moment you want to (re)sell your gold.

All orders are shipped by UPS. All shipments are fully insured, and we ship your gold in discrete packages without mentioning the contain or our company name. If you prefer to pick up your order in person, that is also possible at our office in Baarn (Utrecht). We are open on business days between 09.00 and 17.00 o'clock on appointment.

All gold is offered at 0% VAT. We offer a buy back guarantee on gold bars: we buy your gold bars at 98% of the current gold price. We buy your gold 1 ounce coins at 100% of the current gold price.

Buy gold at the best price

At The Silver Mountain, you can buy gold at the best price. You can order gold from us online via the webshop, by e-mail or by telephone. When you buy gold via our webshop and you canchoose from various gold investment coins, such as the Maple Leaf and the Krugerrand or gold bars from authorised manufacturers, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram of pure gold.

Physically buy gold

At The Silver Mountain, you can physically buy gold in the form of gold coins and gold bars. We can list several main reasons why physically buying gold is an interesting option:

  • Easy to store; one kilo of gold is about the size of an average mobile telephone. The relatively high price compared to silver means that you do not need an enormous safe to store gold coins or bars.
  • Stable value; gold has always been considered a stable option. Currency systems are constantly changes and sometimes even disappear, but gold has stood the test of time.
  • Globally recognised and desirable; everyone is familiar with buying gold.

When you physically buy gold, you become the owner of the gold and you are no longer dependent on a bank or another party. You can store the gold yourself and have it within reach. Physically buying gold provides much greater certainty than buying gold in any other manner. For example, you can buy derivatives on the stock market that track the gold price, but for which you do not receive any physical gold. Physical gold is easy to store and is globally recognised and easy to trade. We offer a buy-back guarantee for our gold bars and gold coins: we can always buy back your gold at an honest market price.

Buying gold as an investment

Gold is often purchased as an investment. Gold is very popular in countries such as China and India and gold also has a rich history. Buying gold is less common in Europe, but it is becoming increasingly popular as an investment or as protection of purchasing power. In financially uncertain times, investing in gold can provide balance in an investment portfolio.

Ordering gold coins or gold bars

Buying gold online is simple, safe and fast at The Silver Mountain. On our website, you can choose between "Gold coins" and "Gold bars". Next you can select the desired payment and shipping options and complete your order. If you would prefer personal contact with one of our colleagues, you can also place your order by telephone. If the gold coins and/or gold bars are in stock, your order can often be completed within 2 working days.

Gold bars are usually cheaper to purchase than gold coins. Conversely, gold coins are easier to trade globally than gold bars. The choice between coins and bars depends on your budget and your wishes.

Safely ordering gold

You can order gold safely from The Silver Mountain. The Silver Mountain only trades in gold and silver from LBMA accredited smelters. These smelters guarantee the authenticity and refinement of the coins and bars that they produce.

The Silver Mountain is the largest bullion dealer in the Netherlands. Our customers give us an average score of 9 as a reputable company. Our aim is to maintain this reputation, so that you can order gold safely and simply via our website. You can also arrange insured delivery of your gold, or you can collect it from our office.

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