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Buy gold Krugerrand coins

Buy gold Krugerrand coins

First minted in 1967 the Gold Krugerrand is the worlds first gold bullion coin. The gold Krugerrand coin is widely recognized as one of the most popular gold investment coins globally. Gold Krugerrands are typically available with a relatively low premium.

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Gold Krugerrand coins

The gold Krugerrand coin is one of the most famous gold investment coins in the world. The gold coins have been issued in South Africa since 1967 in 91.67% gold. Together with the gold Maple Leaf, the gold Krugerrand is the most common investment coin.
Gold Krugerrands have a rich history and are almost always available at a relatively low premium. If you ever want to trade the Krugerrand gold elsewhere in the world, you will have a currency that is easy to recognize.

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Buy Gold Krugerrand

The gold Krugerrand has a well-known red color, this is because the coin is struck in 91.67% (22-carat) pure gold. Copper is used for the other part, making the coin many times stronger for outside influences and giving it a red color. The net weight of the Krugerrand is in line with other popular gold coins, which are struck in 99.99% pure gold. This means that the gross weight of the coins is heavier. On balance, the coin contains exactly the same amount of grams of pure gold. The value is therefore the same.
The Krugerrand gold coin is the oldest and most tradable gold investment coin in the world. The special thing about the Krugerrand is that the coin has no face value. Nevertheless, this coin is considered legal tender in the Republic of South Africa.

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At The Silver Mountain you can buy gold Krugerrand in various weights:

WeightDiameterThicknessGross weight
1 troy ounce32.6 mm (max. 32.77)2.75 mm (max. 2.84)33.9305 grams
1/2 troy ounce27 mm (max. 27.07)2.215 mm (max. 2.24)16.9653 grams
1/4 troy ounce22.02 mm (max. 22.06)1.52 mm (max. 1.888)8.4826 grams
1/10 troy ounce16.46 mm (max. 16.65)1.19 mm (max. 1.35)3.3931 grams

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Value gold Krugerrand

The price of the Krugerrand coins consists of production costs, the gold value and profit margin. The difference between the purchase price of a Krugerrand coin and the goldprice is called the spread. As a rule, the larger the coin, the smaller the spread.
The value of the gold Krugerrand coin follows the gold price one to one. Typically, a gold Krugerrand is available at a premium of around 5% (depending on market conditions). You can find the value development of this coin in the price history. In the graph on the productpages you can see the value of the Krugerrand over the past period, you also have the option to set a price alert if you want to purchase the Krugerrand at a lower price than its current value.

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Design golden Krugerrand

The Krugerrand owes its name to Paul Kruger, the President of South Africa from 1883 to 1902. In his honor, the bust of Paul Kruger is featured on the obverse of the coin. In addition, South Africa, the country of origin, is listed in English and South African.
The reverse of the coin features a typical South African springbok, the national animal of South Africa. Above the springbok is the name of the coin “Krugerrand” with the year of manufacture, consisting of two numbers printed on the left and right of the springbok motif, for example "20" and "22" for "2022".
Below the springbok, the weight of the coin is written in English and South African. The edge of the coin is ribbed, as is the case with many coins.

Design golden Krugerrand coin
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Sell ​​Krugerrand gold

Selling the gold Krugerrand is done easily and quickly at The Silver Mountain. We provide a buy-back guarantee for all Krugerrand coins that you buy from us. This means that we always buy back your Krugerrand coins at the current gold price at that time. For the gold Krugerrand coin we offer 100% of the current gold price.

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Frequently asked questions about gold Krugerrand coins

How much does the gold Krugerrand coin weigh?

The gold Krugerrand is available in various weights from 1 troy ounce to 1/10 troy ounce. This weight represents the net weight in gold that these coins contain. This is because each gold Krugerrand is struck in 91.67% pure gold. Therefore, the gross weight (the total weight) of the coin is higher than the weight in gold of the coin. A summary of the gross weight of gold Krugerrand coins is added below:

  • Gold 1 troy ounce coin: 33.9305 grams
  • Gold 1/2 troy ounce coin: 16.9653 grams
  • Gold 1/4 troy ounce coin: 8.4826 grams
  • Gold 1/10 troy ounce coin: 3.3931 grams

How did the gold Krugerrand get its famous red color?

Gold Krugerrand coins are known worldwide for their red color. This color of the gold Krugerrand is created by the addition of copper. Gold Krugerrand coins are minted in 22-karat gold (91.67%) and 8.33% copper. The addition of copper makes these coins less susceptible to external influences. 

Is it also a silver Krugerrand coin available?

Yes. In addition to the gold Krugerrand coins, following the success of the gold coins, the South African Mint has also been issuing a silver Krugerrand coin since 2017. This silver 1 troy ounce coin has the same design as the gold variant and is struck in 99.99% pure silver.

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