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The Silver Mountain

The Silver Mountain is a powerful and renowned company with the goal of making the purchase of physical gold and silver at competitive rates simple, safe, and fast. Within the physical precious metals buying and selling market, The Silver Mountain, along with its partners, meets the full-service needs. We stand for reliable and honest service.
The Silver Mountain can deliver discreetly to your home if desired, but also offers secure and 100% insured storage for your gold and silver through our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. Through our purchasing organization, Inkoop Edelmetaal, The Silver Mountain also buys back your gold and silver, regardless of the current market price or the volume you offer.


In the current monetary system, all money is created as credit by banks. This means that all money is created as debt to banks. With the outbreak of the credit crisis, the global debt burden has risen extremely. Since 2008, we have seen Western governments and central banks add more and more new (non-existent) money to the existing money supply to try and keep up with the exponentially growing debt.
As soon as this newly created money comes into circulation, it leads to a reduction in the purchasing power of the respective currency. Ultimately, this leads to a loss of confidence in the currency, resulting in hyperinflation. The root of the problem lies in the fact that all the money in the world is created as debt to the banks. The logical solution to this problem is to ensure that you have money that is not created as debt (to third parties). This type of money has existed for more than 5000 years and is called gold and silver.

Our unique selling points

  • The Largest Coin Dealer in the Netherlands
  • Wide assortment, large inventory
  • Competitive rates, real-time prices
  • Fast and 100% insured shipping
  • Buyback guarantee
  • AFM license holder
  • Secure storage via Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland
  • Customer rating of 4.8/5

Timeline The Silver Mountain

2008Establishment of The Silver Mountain (sole proprietorship)
During his Commercial Economics studies, Rolf van Zanten started his company, The Silver Mountain, on January 1, 2008. Silver coins imported from the United States were offered through a webshop. The Silver Mountain was the first webshop in the Netherlands to offer these coins. Silver coins can be traded under the margin scheme and are therefore much cheaper to purchase than silver bars, which were commonly available in the Netherlands at that time.
2009Establishment of Inkoop Edelmetaal
In 2009, a second website was launched: www.inkoopedelmetaal.nl.
Through this website, individuals can sell physical gold and silver back to the company. We introduced fixed bid price guarantees, which means there is always a bid price determined by a fixed formula. The website also features real-time prices, making the sale of physical precious metals accessible to individuals.
2010Relocation to Schiphol, collaboration with Amsterdamgold
In 2010, The Silver Mountain opened its office in Schiphol Zuid, where a logistics service provider and importer handled the distribution of silver coins. That same year, The Silver Mountain began a collaboration with Amsterdamgold. Willem Middelkoop, the founder of Amsterdamgold, approached Rolf for a collaboration, which resulted in a merger between the two companies.
2016Separation from Amsterdamgold, relocation to Baarn
As of January 2016, The Silver Mountain is no longer part of Amsterdamgold. The Silver Mountain B.V. was established and a new office was opened in Baarn.
2018Relocation within Baarn and acquisition of Zilvergoudwinkel
In 2018, we moved to Faas Eliaslaan 13. In our new office, we have multiple rooms to more efficiently accommodate customers. Additionally, in 2018, Zilvergoudwinkel from Rotterdam was acquired.
2019Establishment of Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland
In 2019, we launched our new storage company: Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. We work with Loomis in Zurich and Dutch Value Logistics in Houten for the secure and insured storage of physical precious metals for our customers. All precious metals are stored on an allocated basis under the supervision of the AFM.
2022Introduction of personal delivery service
The safe and discreet delivery of orders is one of the most important aspects of our service. In 2022, we established a personal delivery service, delivering packages by appointment within a 2-hour time window. We conduct identity checks and never deliver packages to neighbors or another address. All our transports are 100% insured and are carried out discreetly in unmarked vans.
2023Opening of the second office in The Hague
Due to the growing demand for precious metals, a second office location was opened in The Hague in 2023. In a beautiful old bank building, we can welcome you for introductory discussions and for picking up orders. A showroom has also been set up in the old bank vault.
2024New website and new warehouse
A double milestone in May 2024: we are launching a completely renewed website and moving to a larger, more professional warehouse.
Our new website offers a number of new features and provides more insight for new customers when selecting products. The price per gram is displayed everywhere, and we are introducing 'pre-owned bullion', extra competitively priced precious metals from the secondary market.
We are starting a collaboration with Dutch Value Logistics, the same company that facilitates storage for Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. This is a sister company of the Royal Dutch Mint, specialized in the storage and distribution of high-value goods.


Founders story of The Silver Mountain
As the founder of the first webshop for silver coins in the Netherlands, Rolf van Zanten wanted to make silver accessible as an investment product for the general public. At that time, he could not have imagined that The Silver Mountain would grow into the largest online bullion dealer in the Netherlands... read more

Our Assortment

The assortment of The Silver Mountain consists of current investment coins and bars of silver and gold of the highest quality. All bars we trade come from recognized producers/refineries listed on the Good Delivery List of the London Bullion Market Association. This means that these bars are tradable worldwide without the need for further analysis. The coins we trade are typically struck in the highest grade of silver or gold.

Full Service in Precious Metals

Within the physical precious metals buying and selling market, The Silver Mountain offers full service. We deliver discreetly to your home, but also provide the option to pick up orders at our office in Baarn. Additionally, we are the first webshop in the Netherlands where you can buy physical gold and silver with a unique 100% buyer protection. Do you want to store your precious metals safely? At our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, your valuable investment is protected in the best possible way. Through our purchasing organization, inkoopedelmetaal.nl, we can also buy back your precious metals if desired.

Our Office

The Silver Mountain is located in Villa Elias at Faas Eliaslaan 13 in Baarn and at Prins Hendrikplein 14 in The Hague. We are open on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. Would you like an (introductory) conversation or do you want to pick up your order? Contact us by phone or email to make an appointment.
For security reasons, we do not keep any precious metal stock at our office address, we use camera surveillance, receive visitors by appointment only, and ask them to bring a valid ID for our visitor register.