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Sell your precious metals

At The Silver Mountain, you can sell your precious metals at any time. We continuously buy, regardless of the current gold or silver price. The sale of your precious metals is handled through our subsidiary, Inkoop Edelmetaal.
Since 2009, The Silver Mountain has been offering the option to sell precious metals. We were the first in the Dutch market with a unique buyback guarantee.

Safely sell your precious metals at inkoopedelmetaal.nl

The sale of your precious metals is managed by our subsidiary, Inkoop Edelmetaal. Although this subsidiary has its own website, it is fully integrated with The Silver Mountain. You will be assisted by the same staff and can deliver your precious metals at the same offices, or take advantage of our dedicated delivery service for pickup.

Top-rated service

This is what we ultimately strive for: a multitude of satisfied customers. We aim to be as personal, honest, and engaged as possible. 
We are proud to have a 4.9 out of 5-star rating based on over 1,250 reviews!

Transparant prices and conditions

At Inkoop Edelmetaal, you will see a payout price for each product. No additional charges apply, except for possible shipping costs, which are clearly displayed during the sales process. Once your sales order is placed, the price is fixed, unaffected by any subsequent market fluctuations.

Sell your gold, silver and platinum in 4 easy steps

At Inkoop Edelmetaal, you can sell your silver and gold easily. We purchase gold and silver coins and bars at the best prices in the Netherlands. Our bid prices are based on current gold and silver rates and are automatically updated every few minutes to reflect the latest prices. Selling your precious metals can be done in four straightforward steps.
1. Select your products on the website
You can find all the coins and bars we purchase listed on our website. If you cannot find your product, please fill out our appraisal form.
2. Choose the settlement method
Select delivery to a service point, arrange pickup with our own delivery service, or visit our office.
3. Appraisal and verification
Your precious metals will be tested and verified for weight and authenticity.
4. Payment within 24 hours
We typically process payments within 24 hours via bank transfer or in cash.

Directly sell your bullion

Selling your precious metals is easy and quick to arrange. On the Inkoop Edelmetaal website, you can easily filter by category or use our search function.
After filling in your details, selecting the delivery method, and choosing the payment method, you will receive detailed instructions from us regarding the further sales process. If you opt for our pickup service, you can schedule a day and time directly.

Sell gold

Do you want to sell your gold? Take advantage of The Silver Mountain's unique buyback guarantee. We accept all gold bars and gold coins from LBMA-accredited refineries. The bid prices on our website are linked to the most current gold price.

Sell silver

Do you want to sell your silver? Take advantage of The Silver Mountain's unique buyback guarantee. We accept silver bars and silver coins from LBMA-accredited refineries. Our bid prices are continuously updated based on the current silver price, ensuring you receive the best price possible.

Buy-back guarantee

Inkoop Edelmetaal offers a buyback guarantee for all gold and silver bars and coins that we sell. This guarantee means that we will repurchase your precious metals according to a predetermined formula, regardless of the current gold and silver prices and regardless of the volume you wish to sell. Due to the scale advantages of Inkoop Edelmetaal, we are the only party in the Netherlands able to offer such a bid guarantee.
We consistently provide the following bid guarantees and have the ability to increase our bid percentages based on market conditions:
  • 98% of the gold price for gold bars
  • 95% of the silver price for silver bars
  • 100% of the gold price for gold coins
  • 107% of the silver price for silver coins
*Note: The above bid guarantee applies to 1 troy ounce investment coins.

Want to know more about selling precious metals?

If you would like to learn more about selling your precious metals, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. You can find detailed explanations about selling your precious metals at support.thesilvermountain.nl.

Frequently asked questions about selling gold and silver

How to place a sell order

Placing a sell order is simple through our subsidiary, Inkoop Edelmetaal. You can immediately see the prices we offer, which are linked to the most recent market rates and are updated every three minutes.


Selling to Inkoop Edelmetaal can be arranged via our website by adding the products you wish to sell to your Sell Order. You can then select your preferred payment and shipping methods and receive a confirmation email for your sale. You will also receive instructions for the further processing of your transaction.

What types of coins or bars can I sell?

We purchase all common bars and coins minted in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. Inkoop Edelmetaal is a partner of The Silver Mountain and specializes in physical precious metals in the form of investment coins, silver bars, and gold bars.


These coins or bars are sourced from recognized producers. For instance, all gold bars must originate from a Good Delivery refinery. We do not trade in other forms of precious metals. If you have a coin or bar that is not listed on our website but you wish to sell it, please use our appraisal form to submit a request.

Is Inkoop Edelmetaal reliable?

Since 2009, Inkoop Edelmetaal has been part of The Silver Mountain. While we could assert our reliability ourselves, we prefer to demonstrate it through over 1,250 reviews with an average score of 9.8 out of 10. This achievement is one of which we are proud.