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Buy 1 troy ounce gold bars

Buy 1 troy ounce gold bars

Gold bars weighing 1 troy ounce are widely considered the top choice when looking for an alternative to gold coins. The 1 troy ounce size is recognized as the standard in global gold trading, and these bars are typically more affordable than newly minted gold bullion coins. 1 troy ounce gold bars are available form various Good Delivery brands, such as Umicore and C. Hafner.

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Gold bar 1 troy ounce

The 1 troy ounce gold bars are the most common best alternative to gold coins. The 1 troy ounce size is the global standard in gold trading and the 1 troy ounce gold bar is always cheaper than a newly minted gold bullion coin. This is because the production costs for gold bars are lower than for gold coins. Because the production costs are lower, the gold bars are cheaper than coins of the same weight.
The 1 troy ounce gold bar has a weight of 31.101 grams and is struck in 99.99% pure gold. The unit of weight "troy ounce", also abbreviated as "oz" is a standard unit with which precious metal is weighed. The reason for this weight lies in the past and goes back to the development of uniform weight measurements.

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Buy 1 troy ounce gold bars

Different gold bars

There are several manufacturers that offer gold bars of 1 troy ounce pure gold. There may be small price differences, but the content and weight of the gold is identical. In addition to the regular gold bars from Umicore and C. Hafner, we also offer gold bars from Credit Suisse and Royal Canadian Mint, among others. Our range is subject to availability and market conditions.
Most of these gold bars come in a package that bears the unique serial number and which also serves as a certificate of authenticity. All gold bars come from recognized producers and are therefore easily tradable.

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Price 1 troy ounce gold bar

The production cost for the 1 oz gold bar is lower than that of coins of the same weight. This is because gold bars are often made from gold jewelry or other recycled gold, and producing bar gold is a simpler process than minting gold coins.
If you want to invest in physical gold at the lowest price, consider choosing gold bars over gold coins. The advantage of the gold coins, however, is that they are slightly more tradable internationally and you get a better price for them when selling them back. So on balance it doesn't matter much. For larger purchase amounts you can also choose gold bars of 50 grams or 100 grams - then it will be considerably cheaper than buying gold troy ounce coins.

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1 troy ounce gold coin bars

In addition to the usual gold bars of 1 troy ounce, we also offer coin bars. A gold coin bar is struck in 99.99% pure gold. The unique thing about a coin bar is that it has a nominal value. As a result, the gold bar is officially legal tender in the country of issue and can be used as currency there.
Because the gold value is higher than the face value, these coin bars are used as an investment in physical gold. The nominal value is therefore a symbolic value. The coin bars are often dedicated to an animal or the issuer of the gold bar, so a beautiful image is shown on the front of the coin, making such coin bars more interesting for collectors than the gold bars where the same design is always used.

Golden coin bar Rectangular Dragon 2023
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Selling gold bars of 1 troy ounce

We provide a buy-back guarantee for all gold bars you buy from The Silver Mountain: If you want to sell your gold bar back in the future, we offer a fixed bid rate of the current gold price. There are no conditions attached to the amount of gold bars you want to sell back to us.

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Frequently asked questions about 1 troy ounce gold bars

What is the difference between a troy ounce and a gram?

A troy ounce and a gram are both part of a different weight system. Whereas a gram is part of the well-known metric system, a troy ounce is part of an older weight system that has been used for centuries in the precious metals market. 1 troy ounce is equivalent to 31.103 grams.

Want to convert your gold weighing in grams to troy ounces or vice versa? Then the following formulas are handy to use:

  • Weight in grams: Weight troy ounce / 0.032151
  • Weight in troy ounces: Weight in grams x 0.032151

Do I have to pay tax when buying 1 troy ounce gold bars?

If a 1 troy ounce gold bar is minted in at least 99.5% pure gold, you do not have to pay VAT on your purchase. This is because gold bars minted in at least 99.5% pure gold are considered investment gold and are therefore exempt from VAT. 

How will my gold bar be delivered?

When purchasing a gold bar at The Silver Mountain, you can choose from several shipping options. For example, we have our personal delivery service where your gold is insured and discreetly handed over to you, but you can choose to collect the gold yourself in Baarn or The Hague by appointment. Check out all our shipping methods on our customer service page

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