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Buy gold Kangaroo coins

Buy gold Kangaroo coins

The Perth Mint from Australia mints the gold kangaroo coin, which is made of 99.99% pure gold and comes in different sizes. This coin is widely used for gold investments due to its low premium. Additionally, the design of the gold Kangaroo coin is changed annually by the mint, making it a popular choice for both gold investors and coin collectors.

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Golden Kangaroo Coins

The gold kangaroo coin is minted by the Perth Mint from Australia, this coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold and available in various sizes. The gold Kangaroo is one of the most common gold investment coins and is available at a low premium. Every year, the mint changes the design of this coin, making the gold Kangaroo popular not only among physical gold investors, but also gold coin collectors.

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Buy Kangaroo gold coins

The gold coin Australian Kangaroo, also known as kangaroo or previously nugget, has been minted by the Perth Mint since 1986. In the early years of this series, no kangaroo was depicted on the coin, but the famous “Welcome stranger” gold nugget. For this reason, this coin was also called the gold nugget. Since 1990, the series has been continued with the annually changing image with at least one kangaroo on it. The kangaroo is often depicted in a recognizable Australian landscape, in nature, or with a rising sun in the background. Gold Kangaroo coins are supplied as standard in a protective capsule so that this coin always remains in good condition.

Golden Kangaroo 2024
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The kangaroo is one of the most popular gold coins in the world. Collectors and investors appreciate the coin for its high 99.99% pure gold content, varying motifs and high quality.
The gold kangaroo coin is available in:

  • 1 kilo gold coin
  • 1 troy ounce gold coin
  • 1/2 troy ounce gold coin
  • 1/4 troy ounce gold coin
  • 1/10 troy ounce gold coin
With some regularity there are also special editions available from the Kangaroo series with different weights, special conditions or a limited edition.

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Design gold kangaroo coin

Design gold Kangaroo coins

The design of the golden kangaroo is all about the kangaroo. More than 50 different kangaroos live in Australia and it is considered the national symbol of Australia.
What makes kangaroos so special is the tremendous speed they can achieve, as much as 70 kilometres per hour. In many designs of the Gold Kangaroo coin, you will therefore see an image of a kangaroo in motion. Besides adult kangaroos, you often see baby kangaroos incorporated on the coin. Baby kangaroos, also called Joey's, can weigh as little as 1 gram at birth. The joey's further development happens in its mother's pouch.

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Frequently asked questions about gold Kangaroo coins

Is a gold Kangaroo coin suitable as an investment in physical gold?

The gold Kangaroo coin is often bought as an investment in physical gold, partly because of its high gold content of 99.99% pure gold. The gold Kangaroo coin is highly tradable and can be bought and sold all over the world. Gold Kangaroo coins fall under investment gold and can therefore be traded without VAT.


These gold coins from The Perth Mint are popular worldwide also popular with collectors due to the annually changing design.


Whether buying a gold Kangaroo coin is right for you depends on your personal investment goals and your appetite for risk.

What makes the gold Kangaroo coin unique compared to other investment coins?

Unlike such well-known gold coins as the Philharmoniker, Maple Leaf and Britannia, The Perth Mint redesigns its Kangaroo coins every year. When the Kangaroo coins were introduced in 1986, the "Welcome stranger" gold nugget was depicted on the coin. Since 1990, a changing design featuring at least one kangaroo has been released each year. 

What gold Kangaroo coins are available?

The Perth Mint issues its world-famous gold Kangaroo coins in four different weights, namely 1 troy ounce, 1/2 troy ounce, 1/4 troy ounce and 1/10 troy ounce. We purchase the newly minted coins from official distributors of the mint.


In addition, we often have gold Kangaroo coins from previous years in stock at The Silver Mountain. 

How can I sell gold Kangaroo coins?

Gold Kangaroo coins are highly marketable worldwide and there are several ways to sell your gold coins. For example, you can take advantage of The Silver Mountain's repurchase guarantee. We will buy your gold Kangaroo coins from you at a fixed bid percentage based on the current gold price. On the site of our sister company Inkoop Edelmetaal you will find our current bid prices for your Kangaroo coins. You will know immediately what amount we offer for your gold. 

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