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Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is based in the Australian city of Perth. It is the longest active 'mint' (coin house) in the country. It mints coins that count as legal tender and, in addition, the Perth Mint regularly mints special collector coins in limited editions.`
The mint is engaged in manufacturing gold coins, silver coins and coins made of platinum and palladium. The coins are very popular with collectors around the world and the Perth Mint is known for the high quality of its coins.

History The Perth Mint

The predecessor of The Perth Mint, the Royal Mint branch in Perth, has existed since 1899. This makes it the oldest mint still operating in Australia. Since then, The Perth Mint played a central role in the development of silver and gold mining in the country and continues to do so today with its silver and gold coins. Nowadays, the Perth Mint supplies especially many gold kangaroo coins and has even minted the largest gold coin in the world of 1,000 kilograms of pure gold. The gold kangaroo coin is mainly traded in the 1 troy ounce size and of these, the design changes every year. This therefore makes the coin popular among collectors and investors alike. The same applies to the silver coins of the Koala, Kookaburra and Lunar series. In 2016, the Perth Mint added the 1 troy ounce silver Kangaroo to its range. With this coin, the design does remain the same every year and there is no limited edition - the Kangaroo coin serves as a low-cost option for investing in physical silver and as an alternative to the silver Maple Leaf and Philharmoniker coins.
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Coin series of the Perth Mint

Almost all common coin series of the Perth Mint are based on animal species from Australia. Their design changes every year, making them popular among collectors. All coins are minted in the highest grade of pure gold and silver. The coins are also often issued in different weights ranging from 1/10 troy ounce to 10 kilograms so that these coin series are available for any budget.
Less popular series are the platinum Platypus and Emu. Besides the common silver, gold and platinum coins, several collectible sets have also been issued in proof condition. These are often limited edition sets with a certificate of authenticity. Besides the regular proof coins, series of coloured coins or other exclusive sets have also been minted.