Purchasing silver at The Silver Mountain

At The Silver Mountain, you can buy silver at the best price in The Netherlands. Our selection of silver coins includes newly minted investment coins such as the Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, and other renowned coins. These coins are often delivered directly from stock and shipped fully insured. We also offer silver bars from Umicore and Germania Mint. In addition, you have the opportunity to buy VAT-free silver combined with insured storage.

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Buy silver

All our silver coins are sold without VAT. We apply the margin scheme that can be applied on used goods and collectibles, providing a very interesting method to purchase silver at low costs. Most investors choose for the cheapest silver coin available. Typically, this will be the Maple Leaf or the Philharmonic.

We offer secure and insured shipment by UPS.
Buy your silver safely and discretely online.

Buy silver

Buy silver at the best price

At The Silver Mountain you can buy silver at the best price. Our range consists of silver troy ounce coins, kilo coins, Dutch coins and silver bars. All silver coins are traded under the margin scheme, making it the cheapest way of physically buying silver.

Are you unfamiliar with buying silver? Then we recommend that you look at our "Precious Metals Guide" (Classification system). This page displays the different options for silver coins and silver bars, what the difference is between the purchase price and the sale price and which coins and bars are easily traded.

Safely buy physical silver

Ordering silver via The Silver Mountain is easy, safe and fast. All our silver coins and bars are derived from "LBMA" (London Bullion Market Association) accredited manufacturers and smelters. This means that the silver that we buy is globally recognised and traceable without any additional testing of authenticity. Physically buying silver from us is safe, easy and fast. We also guarantee the authenticity of all silver bars and coins.

Ordering silver coins or silver bars

You can order silver coins or silver bars from The Silver Mountain. You can buy silver directly from our website, or you can purchase by telephone or by e-mail. The current price and shipping time is listed per product. You will be informed by email about the progress of your order. You can select a insured delivery of your order, or you can make an appointment and come to our office in Baarn to collect your silver.

Invest in silver

Buying silver as an investment

Buying silver is becoming increasingly popular. Buying silver is a great alternative to the current low interest rates on savings accounts. In addition, silver is used frequently in industries, resulting in approximately half of the annual silver production disappearing in various industrial applications (such as mobile telephones, computers, solar panels and more). Silver is becoming scarce and therefore popular amongst investors.

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