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Buy gold philharmoniker coin

Buy Wiener Philharmonic gold coins

Introduced in 1989. The Gold Philharmonics, produced by the Austrian Mint, are widely recognized bullion coins that are popular for investments, particularly in Europe. These coins feature the Vienna music hall, the home of the Philharmonic orchestra. Available in 1 troy ounce fine gold as well as fractional troy ounces.

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Golden Wiener Philharmoniker coin

Buy gold Philharmoniker

The golden Philharmoniker coin has been minted by the Austrian Mint since 1989. The Philharmoniker coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold and known worldwide. The gold Philharmoniker is a relatively flat coin in relation to the other gold investment coins and has a large diameter.
The Philharmoniker coins feature a striking design in the sign of the Philharmoniker Orchestra. 

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Buy gold Wiener Philharmonic

The golden Wiener Philharmoniker coin is named after the world-famous Wiener Philharmoniker Orchestra from Austria. The Philharmoniker coin has been the first European gold coin with a fineness of 99.99% pure gold and is known worldwide. Unlike the silver Philharmoniker, the gold coin has a ribbed side.

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Dimensions and weight Wiener Philharmoniker coins

The gold Philharmonic coins have a larger diameter than other well-known investment coins. For this reason, the coins are also less thick. The table below adds some specifications for each coin, such as diameter, weight in grams and the year of introduction. 
WeightDiameterThicknessWeight in gramsNominal valueCoin year
1 troy ounce37 mm2 mm31.103 grams100 EuroSince 1989
1/2 troy ounce28 mm1.6 mm15.552 grams50 EuroSince 1994
1/4 troy ounce22 mm1.2 mm7.776 gram25 EuroSince 1989
1/10 troy ounce16 mm1.2 mm3.121 gram10 EuroSince 1991
1/25 troy ounce13 mm1.2 mm1.244 gram4 EuroSince 2014

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Design Wiener Philharmoniker

The obverse of the gold Philharmonic coin shows the beautiful design: A bouquet of Philharmonic instruments with the word "Silber".
The reverse of the gold Philharmoniker bears the inscription "1 Unze gold 999.9," or some other weight. Including the year of issue and the face value of the coin. Above this text is the "Great Pipe Organ" of Wiener, the golden Concert Hall, home of the Philharmoniker, shown with the text “Republik Osterreich”. The image of the organ is a beautifully detailed representation of the original.

Design Golden Philharmoniker
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Selling Philharmoniker gold coin

You can easily and quickly sell the golden Philharmoniker at The Silver Mountain. We provide a buy-back guarantee for all Wiener Philharmoniker coins that you buy from us.
This means that we always buy back your Philharmoniker coins at the current gold price at that time. For the gold Philharmoniker coins we offer 100% of the current gold price.

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Frequently asked questions about gold Philharmoniker coins

Is it possible to buy gold Philharmonic coins anonymously?

At The Silver Mountain it is possible to buy gold Philharmonic coins anonymously. Anonymous orders are called counter sales. Anonymous gold buying is possible from €2500,- and a counter sale must be communicated by phone. You will then receive an invoice without name and address information and can pick up and pay for your order by appointment. Cash payments are possible up to €10,000.


Would you like to know more about buying gold anonymously? Then read our page on buying gold anonymously.

What is the diameter of the gold Philharmonic coins?

Relative to other investment coins, the gold Philharmonic coins are relatively flat and have a larger diameter than the Maple Leaf gold coins and the Britannia gold coins. The diameter by weight is:

  • 1 troy ounce: 37 mm
  • 1/2 troy ounce: 32 mm
  • 1/4 troy ounce: 22 mm
  • 1/10 troy ounce: 16 mm
  • 1/25 troy ounce: 13 mm

Where do gold Philharmonic coins come from?

Golden Philharmoniker coins come from Austria. They are minted by the Münze Österreich, the Austrian Mint, which is based in Vienna. The English name of the mint is Austrian Mint.


With a rich history dating back to the 13th century, the mint has built a reputation for producing coins of the highest quality, prized for their beauty, purity and craftsmanship. Münze Österreich's roots date back to 1294, when Duke Albrecht I of Austria established the first coinage institution in Vienna. Over the centuries it has played an important role in the Austrian economy, minting coins for use within the country and for trade with foreign countries.

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