500 grams of silver bar

All 500 gram silver bars are made of at least 99.9% pure silver. These silver bars are ideal for business investments in physical silver. The formats of 500 grams and 1 kilogram are common formats in the Netherlands and also interesting choices from a price point of view when buying silver bars. Please note: all silver bars are taxed with 21% VAT and the prices shown include VAT.

If you buy silver as a private individual, it is better to opt for silver coins. This is cheaper, in addition, the difference between the purchase price and the sale price is lower than with the silver bars.

Buy silver bar 500 grams

If you want to invest in physical silver for business purposes, we recommend that you choose silver bars. Silver is seen as a raw material, so you pay 21% VAT on this 500 gram silver bar. You can later reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities, so that you can invest in silver in an advantageous way.

We advise private individuals to opt for silver coins, which are traded under the margin scheme. As a result, VAT is only calculated on the trader's profit and included in the price. You will then receive more silver for the same amount. If you sell the silver back in the future, you will also get a better bid price.

Silver bars from Umicore and Argor Heraeus are the best-known manufacturers of silver bars, we also supply silver bars from the Germania Mint. These so-called cast bars are struck in 99.99% pure silver, the highest possible silver content. The silver bars are provided with a unique bar number.

Reliable 500 gram silver bar

All 500 gram silver bars are produced by LBMA-approved producers. The LBMA quality mark guarantees the quality of the silver and whether the silver bar has been produced correctly.

For example, every 500 gram silver bar is struck in at least 99.9% pure silver. This silver has been extracted from the mines in a fair way, without exploitation of the miners. Thanks to the LBMA quality mark, your silver bar can be traded worldwide without further analysis.

In addition, we check all silver bars for authenticity when we purchase them. This way you are always guaranteed of the authenticity.

Sell ​​silver bar 500 grams

We provide a buy-back guarantee for all 500 grams of silver bars, whereby we buy back your silver bar at 98% of the current silver price.

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