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Purchase silver Krugerrand coins

The Krugerrand is one of the most popular investment coins worldwide. These silver coins are from South Africa are a popular choice among investors in silver. At The Silver Mountain you can buy silver Krugerrand coins at current silver price.

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Silver Krugerrand coins

The Krugerrand silver coin is issued by the South African Mint and is struck in 99.9% fine silver. This well-known investment coin has been minted since 2017 and is a common alternative to the Kangaroo, Philharmoniker and Britannia coins. The silver Krugerrand is available in tubes per 25 pieces.

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Buy a silver Krugerrand

The Krugerrand silver is one of the 10 most popular investment coins in the world. The Krugerrand is struck in 99.9% pure silver and weighs 31.103 grams.
In 2017, the production of anniversary coins was started to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand gold. These coins were primarily for collectors, and this was the first time the Krugerrand was available in silver.
The great interest in Krugerrand silver among investors and collectors ensured that the South African Mint produced a Krugerrand silver since 2018. This silver Krugerrand has already become one of the top 10 silver investment coins in the world in a short time.

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Value Silver Krugerrand

Zilveren Krugerrand

The value of the Krugerrand coin is determined by the cost of production, the silver price and the seller's profit margin. At The Silver Mountain we offer the Krugerrand at a competitive price.
Coins from previous years are priced extra competitively, because they are purchased from private individuals. When purchasing our coins, we always check the authenticity of the coin.
View the price history of the Silver Krugerrand to see how the value of the Krugerrand has developed over the past period. The silver price can sometimes be very volatile and rise or fall sharply in the short term. The price of the silver Krugerrand is adjusted every three minutes to the most recent silver price.

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Design Krugerrand coin

On the obverse of the "Krugerrand silver" a galloping springbok can be seen in the middle over a stylized South African savanna landscape. The letters "CLS" are embossed below the motif on the right. These are the initials of Coert Laurens Steynberg, who is responsible for the successful design of the motif. The year of issue is embossed with two digits to the left and right of the springbok motif, e.g. "20" and "22" for "2022".
The bottom margin shows the word for fine silver in Afrikan "FYNSILWER" and English "FINE SILVER", as well as the fine weight "1 oz" and the designation "R1" for a South African rand. The design of the motif side corresponds to the world-famous design of the "Krügerrand Gold" with the difference that the gold coins of the South African Mint are traditionally issued without an embossed face value.
The reverse of the silver Krugerrand features a portrait of Paul Kruger, President of the Republic of South Africa from 1883 to 1902. In addition, the South African and English name for South Africa are shown on this side of the coin.

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Sell a silver Krugerrand coin

Selling the silver Krugerrand can be done easily and quickly at The Silver Mountain. We provide a buy-back guarantee for all Krugerrand coins that you buy from us. 
This means that we always buy back your Krugerrand coins at the current silver price at that time. For the silver Krugerrand coin we offer 107% of the current silver price.

Silver Krugerrand coin
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Frequently asked questions about buying silver Krugerrand coins

What is a silver Krugerrand coin?

A silver Krugerrand coin is an investment coin originally minted by the South African Mint. The obverse features the iconic design of President Paul Kruger, while the reverse depicts a springbok antelope.

The first gold investment coin in the world was the gold Krugerrand. The advantage is that the silver Krugerrand benefits from this strong brand recognition.

What is the weight of a silver Krugerrand coin?

A standard silver Krugerrand coin weighs 1 troy ounce, which is approximately 31.103 grams.

What is the silver content of a silver Krugerrand coin?

Silver Krugerrand coins have a silver content of 999/1000, meaning they are 99.9% pure silver. In contrast, gold Krugerrand coins are minted in 22 karat gold, which equates to 91.67%. However, the gold Krugerrand weighs 33.93 grams, thereby containing exactly 1 troy ounce, or 31.103 grams, of pure gold.

Where can I buy silver Krugerrand coins?

At The Silver Mountain, you can purchase silver Krugerrand coins at the best prices. Our prices are updated every three minutes based on the most current silver rate.

Are silver Krugerrand coins a good investment?

Buying silver Krugerrand coins is a good way to invest in physical silver. The coins are well-known and minted in 99.9% pure silver.

What is the history behind the silver Krugerrand coin?

The silver Krugerrand coin was introduced in 2017 as a bullion version of the famous gold Krugerrand coin, which was first minted in 1967. The gold Krugerrand was the world’s first gold investment coin.

Are silver Krugerrand coins tax-free?

Silver Krugerrand coins are traded under the margin scheme, making them an attractive way to invest in physical silver. Bars, on the other hand, are subject to 21% VAT and are less attractive to private individuals.

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