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Buy pre-owned silver bars

Buy pre-owned silver bars

In addition to newly cast silver bars from Umicore and Germania Mint, we at The Silver Mountain have a stock of pre-owned silver bars available with some regularity. These bars are from the secondary market, which means that we have purchased these bars from individuals. 

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Buy pre-owned silver bars

You can buy pre-owned silver bars when you want to invest in silver in an economical way. At The Silver Mountain, you can take advantage of competitive prices for silver bars that have been in circulation before, known as pre-owned silver bars, without compromising on quality and authenticity.

Why buy pre-owned silver bars?

Pre-owned silver bars are silver bars that have been in circulation previously, but still have the same value and purity as new silver bars. These bars can be sold at more competitive prices because there are no new production costs involved.
Because you pay no new production costs with pre-owned silver bars, pre-owned silver bars are a cost-effective choice. In addition, you contribute to sustainability by investing in already existing bars instead of having new ones produced.

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What to look for when buying pre-owned bars?

When buying pre-owned silver bars, there are some important factors to consider. The weight and purity of the silver bars are established by the certificate of authenticity. This provides you with additional security. Therefore, always make sure that the pre-owned silver bars are offered with this certificate.
It is important for you to know the condition of the silver bars. Always inspect the silver bars carefully. Are there signs of use present? Then it is good to know that these do not reduce the intrinsic value. To be sure you are paying a good price, it is wise to compare the price per gram of a pre-owned silver bar with a new silver bar.
Finally, it is important to buy pre-owned silver bullion bars only from a reliable and reputable seller, such as The Silver Mountain. We guarantee that our pre-owned bullions are high quality and authentic.

Umicore pre-owned silver bar
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Authentic pre-owned silver bars

We are committed to providing the guarantee that our pre-owned silver bars are authentic. At The Silver Mountain, we use reliable equipment, such as the GVS Bullion Tester, which allows silver bars to be thoroughly tested. With this tester, this is done completely non-contact. Both purity and weight are measured by the GVS Bullion Tester, as well as magnetic characteristics.
All pre-owned silver bars that we receive are additionally subjected to a thorough visual inspection. The pre-owned silver bars are offered for sale again through us only when the optimal quality and authenticity of the bars have been confirmed by our strict quality inspections.

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Silver bars with certificate

Many of our pre-owned silver bars come with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate, issued by the original producer, confirms the purity and weight of the bar. The certificate provides assurance that a silver bar meets the high standards of the industry.
For investors, this certificate of authenticity provides additional assurance regarding the authenticity of the silver bar. It is important that the information on the certificate matches the physical silver bar. We check this immediately upon receipt of pre-owned silver bars.

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Our range of pre-owned silver bars

Pre-owned silver bar of 1 kilo

The range of pre-owned silver bars at The Silver Mountain is very varied. If you are interested in silver bars that have already been in circulation, you can choose from silver bars from different manufacturers and in various weights. You have the assurance that the pre-owned silver bars have been thoroughly tested and inspected upon receipt.
We guarantee the authenticity of all pre-owned silver bars. Usually our pre-owned silver bars come with a certificate of authenticity and in the vast majority of cases the silver bars are in good condition. Are there signs of use on a pre-owned silver bar? Then this is indicated with the silver bars in question.
At The Silver Mountain, we differentiate the condition of the bars so that you always have certainty about exactly what you are buying and what condition it is in.

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Investing in pre-owned silver bars

Investing in pre-owned silver bars is ideal for new investors who want to invest in silver as inexpensively as possible. Do you want to invest in silver to diversify your portfolio? Even then, pre-owned silver bars are an excellent choice. The purchase price is lower than if you choose newly cast silver bars.
Investing in pre-owned silver bars can be seen as a stable value investment. The value of silver bars is well preserved, making these bars reliable for preserving your wealth. The intrinsic value of pre-owned silver bars is not lower than the intrinsic value of newly cast bars.

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Frequently asked questions about pre-owned silver bars

What is the advantage of pre-owned silver bars?

The main advantage of pre-owned silver bars over newly cast silver bars is the price. The production costs you pay with new silver bars you do not pay with pre-owned silver bars, making the purchase price a lot more attractive.

Are pre-owned silver bars as valuable as new bars?

Pre-owned silver bars and new silver bars have the same intrinsic value when their purity and weight match. This applies to all pre-owned silver bars, including those with signs of use. New bars and bars that have already been in circulation have exactly the same intrinsic value in all cases.

Where do pre-owned silver bars come from?

The Silver Mountain sells silver bars to customers. Some customers want to sell these silver bars again eventually. This is always possible because of our buy-back guarantee.


Customers who want to sell their silver bars do so through our sister company Inkoop Edelmetaal. The pre-owned silver bars you can buy from us are therefore mostly from customers who have previously purchased these silver bars from us.

Do all pre-owned silver bars come with certificates?

Silver bars are offered to you including certificates of authenticity. These certificates confirm both the weight of the silver bar and its purity. We check whether the certificate and the silver bar actually belong together when we receive the silver bar. This way you always have certainty.

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