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Special offers at The Silver Mountain

Below you will find all current offers. Regularly, you can find silver and gold here at a temporary promotional price. These coins and bars are often purchased from individuals, allowing us to resell them at a lower price. Additionally, if we have purchased in large quantities, you can benefit from this by purchasing your silver and gold here with a favorable discount.

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1 troy ounce gold Krugerrand coin front
2.306,00 2.294,00 In stock
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1 Troy ounce silver Philharmonic coin front
32,70 32,30 In stock

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Buy gold with a discount

At The Silver Mountain, we occasionally offer gold and silver at a temporary promotional price. This typically includes coins and bars acquired from individuals, collectible coins, or coins and bars that we can offer at a lower price due to economies of scale, bulk purchasing, and discounts received.

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Coins and bars acquired from individuals can be offered at lower prices because the production costs were covered by the initial customer sale.

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Buy silver with a discount

The offer of gold and silver at a discount is temporary; moreover, it concerns products with a relatively limited stock. If the products sell out, there is a high chance they will not return.

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On the product page you can see the stock we still have of the product in question at that time. Stock is not replenished during special offers, the rule is that when the order is gone, it is gone.

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Frequently asked questions

How can The Silver Mountain offer these prices?

In addition to selling and storing precious metals, we also buy precious metals. The products you see on our offers page are often purchased from individuals, allowing us to resell them at a lower price. You can also benefit from discounts when we achieve economies of scale by purchasing large quantities, allowing you to buy your silver and gold at a reduced price.

What does your buyback guarantee entail?

Our buyback guarantee means that you can always (re)sell your precious metals to us. This is done using fixed formulas relative to the current gold and silver prices. We always buy, regardless of the volume you sell and regardless of the current gold or silver price.

Does it matter if my investment coins have damages and/or spots?

No, for the buyback guarantee this does not matter. We offer the same percentage for newly minted coins as for coins with milk spots, blemishes, or damages.

Can I pick-up my gold and silver?

You can collect your gold and silver at one of our locations. During the checkout process, you can choose a location and easily schedule an appointment.

Is my gold and silver insured when shipped by post?

Our shipments are always insured, regardless of the order amount. Additionally, our personal delivery service has a 100% success rate.

Need help or have questions?

One of our experts is ready to assist you over the phone. You can reach us on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00.