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Purchase VAT-free silver

It is also possible at The Silver Mountain to purchase silver bars that are stored in a secure customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland. These silver bars are available in 1 kilogram, 100 troy ounce and 1,000 troy ounce sizes. All bars come from LBMA approved producers, primarily the Royal Canadian Mint.

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Buying silver without VAT

It is possible to buy VAT-free silver at The Silver Mountain in the form of silver bars. These silver bars - sourced from LBMA approved producers - are stored in a secure customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland.

Offer VAT-free silver

Our offer to buy VAT-free silver consists of the following silver:
SizePurchase premium
1 kilogramEUR 45,- per piece
100 troy ounceEUR 0,95 per troy ounce
1.000 troy ounce2% of the silver value
You can only buy VAT-free silver in combination with storage in Switzerland. Your silver bars will be stored allocated (by name) by our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN). Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland is a provider of precious metal storage and has vault locations in the Netherlands and a customs depot in Zurich, Switzerland. EBN is registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) as a provider of investment properties. The Silver Mountain is an affiliated broker of EBN and has been appointed as the exclusive partner for the purchase and sale.
The storage facilities in Zurich are located in the customs depot of LOOMIS International. This is one of the largest precious metal storage providers in Europe, where parties such as Credit Suisse also hold their stock. You are assured of safe, secure and strictly allocated storage here.

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Storage costs for VAT-free silver

When buying VAT-free silver, you pay the current prices, as shown above for each silver bar size. In addition, The Silver Mountain does not charge transport or other costs. You will periodically receive an invoice from Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland for the storage of the silver bars. Storage costs are charged quarterly, based on the current silver value.

Storage costs for VAT-free silver barsStorage fee
Storage and insurance costs in Zurich0,90%
We do not charge storage fees, administration fees, or any other fees.
We charge the most competitive storage rate in the Netherlands.

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Buy-back guarantee for VAT-free silver

Through our purchasing website, www.inkoopedelmetaal.nl, you can sell back your silver at any time. We operate a buy-back guarantee for all sizes of silver bars stored in the customs warehouse of Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland.

Buy-back guaranteeBid guarantee
1 kilogram98%
100 troy ounce98%
1.000 troy ounce98%

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Storage at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN)

For more information about our partner, Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, please visit the Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland website. EBN has been set up in partnership with The Silver Mountain to provide customers of The Silver Mountain with secure storage facilities. You can easily buy and sell bullion online using EBN's secure storage facilities.
This involves the use of state-of-the-art facilities, an all-risk insurance policy with reputable insurers including Lloyd's, 100% allocation principle and also includes our buy-back guarantee. EBN is licensed by the AFM to offer precious metal and its storage as an investment object.

Logo Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN)
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Frequently asked questions about buying VAT-free silver

Why buy VAT-free silver?

Silver is generally considered a commodity, which is why silver bars are subject to 21% VAT. By purchasing VAT-free silver, you can acquire silver bars ranging from 1 kilogram to 1,000 troy ounces without paying the 21% VAT.


Your silver is stored in a customs warehouse in Switzerland. Because this is considered "no man's land," you do not have to pay VAT as long as it remains there. We only charge storage fees.

How do I know I'm buying silver from a reliable supplier?

Financial service companies that offer investment objects in combination with storage are required to have an AFM license in the Netherlands. The AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets) oversees and ensures compliance with regulations. Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN) holds an AFM license to offer precious metals in combination with storage.

Where is my silver stored?

If you purchase VAT-free silver from The Silver Mountain, your silver is stored in a customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland. The storage facility in Zurich is located in the LOOMIS International customs depot, one of the largest providers of precious metal storage in Europe.

How does selling VAT-free silver work?

Selling VAT-free silver is easy, safe, and fast through Inkoop Edelmetaal. We offer a fixed percentage based on the most current silver price.

You don't need to arrange transportation or anything else; we handle everything for you.

Can I withdraw VAT-free silver from storage?

If you wish to withdraw your VAT-free silver from storage, you will need to pay VAT at that time.

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