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Purchase silver Maple Leaf coins

Buy the silver Maple Leaf for the best price at The Silver Mountain. This popular investment coin from The Royal Canadian Mint is struck in 99,99% fine silver and worldwide tradable and recognized.

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Silver Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada. The Maple Leaf coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint from Canada and are struck in 99.99% fine silver. The Maple Leaf is one of the best-known silver investment coins worldwide, which makes this currency very tradable. The new Maple Leaf coins also include a security emblem, which makes it easy to trade these silver coins among private individuals.

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Silver Maple Leaf as investment coin

The silver Maple Leaf coin has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988.
The 1 troy ounce (31.101 grams) silver Maple Leaf is the most famous 1 troy ounce silver investment coin in the world. The design shows Canada's famous maple leaf. Since 2014, the 1 troy ounce silver coin has radial lines and vintage laser engravings as its authenticity feature. This authentication feature consists of a small maple leaf with the year in which the coin was minted. Other parties that might want to counterfeit this silver coin do not have this laser technology. This way, the authenticity of the silver Maple Leaf coin is guaranteed.

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Design silver Maple Leaf coin

The silver Maple Leaf coin has the same design every year, this is one of the characteristics of investment coins. When the design changes every year, people often talk about collectible coins.
The silver Maple Leaf coins always have the Canadian maple leaf depicted on the face of the coin. Above this leaf is Canada, the country where the coin was minted. To the left and right of the leaf is indicated what percentage of pure silver the coin consists of. Under the maple leaf is the text "Fine silver 1 oz argent silver" this means that the coin consists of 99.99% pure silver.
The reverse of the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II. The silver Maple Leaf coin is legal tender in Canada and has a face value of CAN$5. Because the face value is lower than the silver value, this coin is considered an investment currency and not for payment. The face value is therefore purely symbolic and this is mandatory when minting silver coins, because otherwise it is not an official currency and then these types of coins cannot be traded under the current VAT rules.
The silver Maple Leaf coin has a beautiful design and is minted in very good quality. It is a shiny silver coin that appeals to the imagination.

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Which silver Maple Leaf coin to buy

If you want to invest in physical silver, buying the Maple Leaf is an excellent choice. It is good to look at the different investment currencies. The Maple Leaf of the current vintage this year is often a bit more expensive than other silver investment coins, because the mint charges a slightly higher premium. Despite this, this coin is very popular given its great fame. In some cases, silver Maple Leaf coins from previous years are also available (depending on market conditions) and that will always be an economical cheaper choice.
Silver Maple Leaf coins from previous years are purchased from private individuals. We are therefore dependent on the supply of the secondary market. We always check these coins for authenticity and offer these coins at an extra competitive price. The coins may be slightly damaged (small scratches, milk stains, etc.), but this does not affect the silver value of the coins. Should you ever sell the silver Maple Leaf coins back, you will receive our buy-back guarantee for all silver coins and then we will not distinguish between coins in less good condition in the bid price.
If you want to invest in physical silver for a large amount as a private individual, we recommend monster boxes. If you buy silver Maple Leaf coins per 500 pieces, you will receive the coins in a so-called monster box. These are the yellow storage boxes of the Maple Leaf series. If you want to buy something different, you can also opt for special issues of the Maple Leaf such as the 10 troy ounce, or 2 troy ounce coins. The Royal Canadian Mint regularly issues these types of coins.

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Monster box silver Maple Leaf coins

The Maple Leaf monster box consists of 500 silver troy ounce Maple Leaf coins that are extra competitively priced per coin. In total, this monster box is good for more than 15.55 kilos of pure silver. This box consists of 20 tubes with each 25 silver 1 troy ounce Maple Leaf coins.
A Maple Leaf monster box is a good way to invest in physical silver for a larger amount. The monster boxes of silver Maple Leafs are tradable all over the world.

Monsterbox silver Maple Leaf coins
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Special silver Maple Leaf coins

In addition to the Maple Leaf as an investment coin, there are also various silver collector's coins of the Maple Leaf. These are special themed silver coins made by the Canadian Mint of Canada. Within Canada, many Maple Leaf editions are produced with a theme related to the beautiful nature in Canada, such as the Wildlife series and the various predators.

  • Maple Leaf with debossed leaf
  • Gold plated Maple Leaf coin
  • Golden Ring series
  • Glowing Galaxy series
  • Our Seasons
  • Wildlife series
Besides the silver Maple Leaf coins, there are also gold Maple Leaf coins, platinum Maple Leaf and palladium Maple Leaf coins. There is a Maple Leaf coin available for every budget.

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Sell silver Maple leaf coin

In the future, you will also be able to sell your silver Maple Leaf coins at The Silver Mountain. We offer a fixed percentage of the current silver price for your silver Maple Leaf coins. This buy-back guarantee is always applicable, regardless of the silver price and the number of coins you wish to sell.

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At Inkoop Edelmetaal, a subsidiary of The Silver Mountain, you can easily, safely, and quickly sell your silver Maple Leaf coins. The price you see is the price we pay you.
You can choose to bring your silver Maple Leaf coins to us, send them insured, or have them picked up.

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Frequently asked questions about buying silver Maple Leaf coins

Is the Silver Maple Leaf a good investment?

The Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most renowned investment coins worldwide, ensuring global marketability.

Newly minted Maple Leaf coins often carry a slightly higher premium compared to other newly minted silver investment coins due to the mint charging a higher fee. We also offer pre-owned Silver Maple Leaf coins, which consistently provide a cost-effective choice.

Do I receive a certificate of authenticity with Silver Maple Leaf coins?

Certificates of authenticity are not provided for silver and gold coins. The coins we offer originate from LBMA-accredited producers. Since coins do not bear unique serial numbers, a certificate of authenticity cannot be linked to a specific coin.

The Silver Mountain does provide a proof of purchase confirming that all products have been inspected and authenticated by us before delivery to you.

How can I sell Silver Maple Leaf coins?

This can be easily done through Inkoop Edelmetaal, a subsidiary of The Silver Mountain. On our website, you can view the price we offer for your Silver Maple Leaf coins, which is linked to the most current silver price.

What is the weight and purity of a silver Maple Leaf coin?

Silver Maple Leaf coins are minted in 99.99% pure silver and weigh 1 troy ounce, equivalent to 31.103 grams.

Which mint produces the silver Maple Leaf?

The Royal Canadian Mint produces the silver Maple Leaf coins.

Are silver Maple Leaf coins tax-free?

Silver coins are traded under the margin scheme. This means that VAT is only payable on the profit margin of The Silver Mountain. Silver bars, however, are subject to 21% VAT if purchased by individuals.

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