Dutch coins

The Silver Mountain supplies Dutch coins in 1-kilogram, 2-kilogram and 5-kilogram bags of pure silver. All these coins are minted in 72% silver and at The Silver Mountain you can buy a mix of these coins at a low premium above the current silver price.

Dutch currency, such as the gulden, has been used as a means of payment in the Netherlands for centuries. From the seventeenth century, in addition to the gold "gulden florijn", there was also the silver gulden. Until 1967, guldens still consisted of at least 72% pure silver. The half gulden from 1857 to 1919 consisted of 94.5% pure silver.

Investing in Dutch coins is the cheapest way to invest in physical silver. The bags contain both pre- and post-war silver guldens, rijksdaalders and tens.

Because Dutch coins are no longer minted, we rely on private individuals. As a result, the bags of Dutch coins are not always in stock. Therefore, please set an e-mail alert. Then you will be the first to receive an e-mail when the weight you are interested in is back in stock.

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