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Zilver Nederlands muntgeld

Purchase silver Dutch coins

The cheapest way to buy physical silver is to buy Dutch silver coins. These are bags of silver guilders, rijksdaalders and ten guilders. All of these coins are minted in 72% silver. You can buy a mix of these silver Dutch coins at a low premium above the current silver price.

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Buy Dutch silver coins

Dutch silver coinage comes in various forms. The most well-known are, of course, the guilder and the euro, but our country has a rich history when it comes to coinage. One of the most beloved coins, which we no longer use, is the rijksdaalder. Since 2002, we have been using euros in the Netherlands. Until then, the guilder was the official currency.
Over the years, many Dutch coins have been issued, including some unique series. Among the more unique Dutch coins are the silver rijksdaalder, the silver ten-guilder coin, and the gold ten-guilder coin. In addition to standard Dutch coinage, we also have several special commemorative coins issued in honor of important people or events. At The Silver Mountain, you will also find Dutch coinage, primarily in the form of silver coins.

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Weight and content of Dutch coins

Dutch silver coins vary in weight and silver content depending on the year of issue and type of coin. Nineteenth and twentieth-century Dutch guilders typically contain 72% silver, while certain commemorative coins often contain over 90% (sterling) silver.
The Dutch silver rijksdaalder is one of the most cherished Dutch silver coins. Rijksdaalders minted before 1943 are composed of 72% silver and weigh 25 grams gross. Rijksdaalders minted from 1959 to 1966 also have a silver content of 72%, but weigh only 15 grams gross. Another notable coin is the silver tientje, a commemorative coin issued between 1970 and 2001. Coins from 1970 to 1973 contain 72% silver and weigh 25 grams gross, while those minted after 1994 are made of 80% silver and weigh 15 grams gross. The value of Dutch silver coinage is heavily influenced by its silver content.
Accordingly, we sell Dutch silver coinage in bags based on the net weight of silver. All these coins are minted with a 72% silver content, and depending on market conditions, customers can purchase bags weighing one kilogram, two kilograms, or five kilograms of Dutch coinage.
For your reference, the gross weight of a one-kilogram bag of Dutch coinage is 1,390 grams, which equates to one kilogram of pure silver (1,390 x 0.72 (72%) = 1,000 grams).

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The table below lists the different coins. 

DescriptionYearWeightContent silver
1/2 Gulden1857 up to 19195 grams94,5%
1/2 Gulden1921 up to 19305 grams72%
1 GuldenBefore 194510 grams72%
1 Gulden1954 up to 19676.5 grams72%
Rijksdaalderbefore 194325 grams72%
Rijksdaalder1959 up to 196615 grams72%
10 Gulden1970 up to 197325 grams72%
10 Gulden199415 grams72%
10 Gulden1995 up to 199915 grams80%
50 Gulden1982 up to 199825 grams92.5%

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Dutch coin collecting market

Dutch coinage plays a significant role in the collecting market. Collectors value various aspects of Dutch coins, such as historical significance, condition, and rarity. Additionally, the story behind each silver coin adds to its appeal.
The market for Dutch coin collecting is diverse, with coins of high historical value generally being the most sought after, especially when they are in excellent condition. These coins include special commemorative issues as well as coins from the Dutch Golden Age. The Dutch coin collecting market is also versatile, with collectors finding opportunities at auctions, fairs, and online platforms.

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Dutch silver coins as an investment

Dutch silver coins can be an interesting investment option. A significant advantage of investing in silver coins is that one can benefit from both their numismatic (collectible) value and the intrinsic value of silver. This dual potential can lead to an increase in the coin's value through both rising collectible demand and rising silver prices.
At The Silver Mountain, you are in the right place if you are interested in investing in Dutch silver coins. We ensure a reliable investment, with all coins carefully selected and rigorously checked for quality and authenticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dutch Coinage

Which Dutch coins are most valuable?

The value of Dutch coins is influenced by factors such as historical significance, condition, and rarity. Several factors determine the value of Dutch coins. Some of the most valuable Dutch silver coins include rare variations of the silver guilder and rijksdaalder, as well as certain commemorative coins. Nineteenth and twentieth-century gold "tientjes" are among the most valuable Dutch gold coins.

What is the cost of a kilogram of Dutch silver guilders?

The price of a kilogram of Dutch silver guilders is not fixed and depends on several factors, particularly the current silver market. Dutch silver guilders typically have a silver content of 72%. Therefore, the price per kilogram varies based on the prevailing silver price.

In what condition is Dutch coinage?

The condition of Dutch coinage can vary from coin to coin. In most cases, we provide an image of the coin as an indication. We often offer multiple years' editions of a coin. For specific information about the condition of a particular coin, please refer to the product description. Coins may be new or pre-owned. Pre-owned coins may have cosmetic imperfections such as scratches or blemishes, which do not affect the intrinsic value of the coin.

Can I sell Dutch silver coins back?

Certainly, you can sell your purchased Dutch silver coins back to us. We offer a dedicated buyback service based on current market prices. This option provides flexibility to liquidate your investments when necessary or desirable.

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