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  • Gold ten guilder coins
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Gold ten guilder coins

456,00 Per piece 75,40 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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The golden tenner is one of the most famous gold coins from the Netherlands with a very rich history. Thi... The golden tenner is one of the most famous gold coins from the Netherlands with a very rich history. This coin weighs 6.72 grams and is minted in 90% pure gold. These golden tenners come from various years.
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Selling price
€ 456,00
Price per gram
€ 75,40
Net weight
6,048 gram
6,72 gram
Year of issue
Koninklijke Ned. Munt


Golden tenner from the Netherlands

In the past, the golden tenners were in circulation as legal tender with a nominal value of 10 guilders. Today, they are mainly traded for their gold value. Each golden tenner has a gross weight of 6.72 grams, has a gold content of 90% and contains a total of 6.048 grams of pure gold. The golden tenner is a handy coin with a relatively low value, making it easy to trade gold in small denominations.
It is estimated that more than 40 million golden tenners have been put into circulation. Partly due to the high gold price, some of these will have been melted down, but a large part is still traded for the gold value. In the market, there are also some forgeries or re-strikes in circulation. The coins were often re-striked in honour of the golden tenner, not so much with the intention of trading a fake coin. A re-strike is usually minted in 14 carat or 18 carat gold and therefore still represents a gold weight value that corresponds to approximately half of a real coin. 
We guarantee the authenticity of all gold coins we sell, and each coin is verified for weight and purity, ensuring you can buy gold safely. No distinction is made between the years, and all golden tenners are traded at the same price. It is also not possible to express a preference for a specific year as we cannot take this into account in our warehouse.

Design of the gold ten guilder Coin

Gold ten guilder coins


On the obverse, the coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is central, and the nominal value 10 G is depicted to the left and right of the coat of arms. The year is shown centrally at the bottom of the coin, and the text KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS is also depicted. 

Gold ten guilder coins


The reverse carries the portrait of the then reigning monarch, with the inscription "GOD BE WITH US" and the title of the royal highness. Depending on the (reign) period, each golden tenner has a unique character due to the varying image of the monarch.

History of the golden tenner

The Dutch golden tenner has a history that dates back to 1806 during the time of Louis Napoleon. These are very rare coins with a weight and content that is slightly higher than the other golden tenners. Subsequently, golden tenners were issued with the image of William I, William II, William III and Queen Wilhelmina. In the versions with Wilhelmina, a number of different images were used. 
During the reign of Queen Juliana and King Beatrix, no other golden ten guilders coins were issued and no other gold coins with a nominal value. In 2002 the euro was introduced and from that moment on new golden ten euro coins appeared on the market, often in limited edition and with a certificate of authenticity.


  • One of the most famous Dutch gold coins
  • Gold coin with a rich history
  • Minted in a weight of 6.72 grams with 90% gold (6.048 grams)

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