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Buying 1 troy ounce gold coins

Gold coins of 1 troy ounce (31,103 grams) are the most common gold investment coins and therefore highly tradable worldwide. The oldest 1 troy ounce gold is the golden Krugerrand of the South African Mint. The Krugerrand coins along with the gold Maple Leafs (Canadian Royal Mint) are still very popular today.

Gold coins as an investment

When you want to invest in gold, it is important to look for gold coins with the lowest possible premium and cost of production. As a result, you will receive more gold for your money in percentage terms. For example, fractional gold coins, like 1/2 troy ounce of 1/4 troy ounce, have proportionally higher production cost than the 1 troy ounce variety.

Gold coins weighing 1 troy ounce are also considered the standard internationally. The international gold price is indicated in 1 troy ounce, so there is no confusion about the amount of gold and the weight of the coin when it is sold.

Famous investment gold investment coins are the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Philharmoniker and Britannia. These coins are internationally well-known and can be traded without further analysis. We offer coins from the current year, as well as coins from previous years thar we purchase cheaper through private individuals.

Collecting gold coins

Besides investment coins, we also offer various 1 troy ounce gold collector coins. Well-known series are the Lunar and Kangaroo from Australia, but the Big Five series of South African Mint is also very popular. New (unique) collector coins are also added regularly.

WWe offer all our gold collector coins at a competitive price based on the current gold price. As such, even as a collector. You have come to the right place at The Silver Mountain.

Sell your gold coins to us

All gold coins you buy from The Silver Mountain can be sold back to us. We call this our buy-back guarantee. We will buy back your 1 troy ounce coins at 100% of the goldprice at the moment you whish to sell.

Do you want to sell your gold coins? Visit the site of our partner Inkoop Edelmetaal (Dutch site). Here you will find our current bid prices which are updated every three minutes based on the current gold price.

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