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Silver rijksdaalder

The silver rijksdaalder used to serve as legal tender in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its value was equivalent to 50 pennies. Later in history, the name changed to ducats. Not only in the Netherlands the coin was used as a means of payment, also in Germany, Denmark and Sweden people paid with this originally Dutch coin. In The Silver Mountain's assortment of Dutch coins you will find rijksdaalders, mixed with silver guldens and silver tens. The packages of Dutch coins are available in quantities of 2 kg and 5 kg.

Silver rijksdaalder value

The silver content in silver rijksdaalders varies and depends on the year the coin was minted. Older rijksdaalders generally contain a higher silver content. Reichsdaalders up to and including 1898 contain a silver value of up to €11.43 (based on the silver price at the time of writing). However, the collector's value is higher. The most recent silver rijksdaalders contain a value of around € 5.23 (based on the silver price at the time of writing). However, the value depends on the silver price. More information on this can be found under the link to the silver rate page.

Different silver rijksdaalders

Silver rijksdaalders have appeared in several varieties throughout history. Reichsdaalders were minted for various sovereigns of the Netherlands. The following overview shows the different silver rijksdaalders that have been issued in history. Louis Napoleon - The first two versions of the rijksdaalder were minted during the reign of Napoleon. The coins had a value of 2 guilders fifty, a weight of 26.348 grams (0.85 Troy Ounce) and a silver content of 91.2%. William I - Under the reign of William 1, the first rijksdaalders were minted in the year 1840. These coins had a diameter of 38 mm. The weight was also adjusted to 25 grams. In addition, a higher grade of silver was used in the rijksdaalders from this period, namely 94.5%. Under the reigns of William II and William III, the weight and silver content remained unchanged. The silver rijksdaalders from the reigns of Willem I, II and III contain the highest percentage of silver of all published rijksdaalders in history. Wilhelmina - It was not until the year 1929 that the silver content was changed to 72% silver. 
As a result, the weight of pure silver in the rijksdaalders amounted to 18 grams of fine silver. The weight, incidentally, remained unchanged. Juliana - During Juliana's reign, the silver rijksdaalder was reduced in size and weight. The new rijksdaalder had a weight of 15 grams and a diameter of 33 mm. The rijksdaalders under the reign of Juliana were the last rijksdaalders made of silver. Starting in 1969, silver was replaced by nickel.


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