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Silver Ten-Guilder Coin

The silver ten-guilder coin is a commemorative coin that was issued multiple times between 1970 and 2001 to honor various special Dutch events. The edge of these coins is engraved with the text "God zij met ons" ("God be with us"). The coins from the years 1970 and 1973 are made of 72% silver and weigh 25.00 grams (0.80 troy ounces). These coins feature the head of Queen Juliana. The silver ten-guilder coins from the period 1994 to 1999 depict the head of Queen Beatrix. These coins are made of 80% silver and weigh 15.00 grams (0.48 troy ounces).

History of the Silver Ten-Guilder Coin

The first silver ten-guilder coin was minted during the reign of Queen Juliana in 1970. This coin was issued as a commemorative coin for the reconstruction of the Netherlands after World War II and was named "Nederland Herrijst" ("Netherlands Rises Again"). The silver ten-guilder was reissued in 1973 to mark the silver jubilee of Queen Juliana's reign. These coins were always minted to honor special occasions.
Below is an overview of the different Dutch silver ten-guilder coins issued throughout history:
  • 1970: Netherlands Rises Again (Reconstruction of the Netherlands after World War II)
  • 1973: Silver Jubilee of Queen Juliana's Reign
  • 1994: 50th Anniversary of the Benelux
  • 1995: Commemoration of the 350th Death Anniversary of Hugo de Groot
  • 1996: Commemoration of Painter Jan Steen
  • 1997: 50th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan
  • 1999: Millennium

Gold Ten-Guilder Coin

In addition to the silver ten-guilder coin, gold ten-guilder coins have also been minted in the Netherlands in the past. The value of these gold coins is significantly higher due to their gold content. These coins are especially popular among investors due to their recognition and value. The gold ten-guilder coins have a longer history than the silver ones. The first gold ten-guilder was minted in 1806, during the reign of Louis Napoleon. The most recent gold ten-guilder was minted in 2013 to commemorate the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander.

Ordering 100 Silver Ten-Guilder Coins

The silver ten-guilder coins from the period 1995 to 1999 are available at The Silver Mountain in sets of 100, with a silver content of 80%. Each coin weighs 15.00 grams. A bag of 100 coins totals 1.5 kilograms, with a pure silver content of 1.2 kilograms.
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