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  • 1000 Troy ounce silver bar VAT-free (storage in Switzerland) front
  • 1000 Troy ounce silver bar VAT-free (storage in Switzerland) back

1000 Troy ounce silver bar VAT-free (storage in Switzerland)

27.388,00 Per piece 0,88 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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Delivery time: 2 - 3 weeks

This product is only available for purchase in combination with storage. You can buy this 1000 tro... This product is only available for purchase in combination with storage. You can buy this 1000 troy ounce silver bar VAT-free in conjunction with storage in Switzerland. This is the cheapest way to buy physical silver. These silver bars are fully insured and allocated in your name by EBN (Precious Metal Management Netherlands) in LOOMIS's highly secure vault in Zurich.
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Selling price
€ 27.388,00
Price per gram
€ 0,88
1000 troy ounce


Silver bar including storage in Switzerland

The 1,000 troy ounce silver bar is the largest size of the silver bars we offer in combination with storage in Switzerland. Since the silver does not have to be imported into the Netherlands, this is the cheapest option for buying VAT-free silver. These bars come from recognized producers listed on the LBMA Good Delivery List. The bars are therefore easy to buy and sell. All bars weigh 1,000 troy ounces (31.103 kilograms) and are struck in at least 99.99% pure silver.
Silver bars in the Netherlands are taxed at 21% VAT. For this reason, private individuals often turn to silver investment coins, which can be traded under a different VAT rate. The disadvantage of these coins, however, is that the production costs are relatively high. If you want to buy silver cheaply, your best option is the VAT-free 1,000 troy ounce silver bars. 
These bars are stored in a customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland by Precious Metal Management Netherlands, an exclusive partner of The Silver Mountain. They use the vaults of LOOMIS, the largest storage facility for precious metal in Europe. Many banks, including Credit Suisse, keep a stock of gold and/or silver in this highly secured storage.

Rate setting VAT-free silver

Our prices are based on the current silver price. We charge a low, premium of usually 2% above the silver price. This means you can invest in physical silver at a price just 2% higher than the current silver value. All costs including production and shipping costs are included in this price setting.
In addition to a sharp price setting, you can also count on our buy-back guarantee. We buy back these silver bars at a fixed bid price of the then current silver price. You can always sell your VAT-free silver easily online to us via our other website: Precious Metal Purchase.

This product is only available for purchase in combination with storage

Storage VAT-free silver

For storage of VAT-free silver, you pay a rate of 0.90% per annum (excl. 21% VAT). The storage costs are charged quarterly in advance. In addition to these storage costs, there are no input - output or administration fees. The storage costs include insurance premium for fully insured storage of your silver.
The silver bars are delivered in the customs warehouse of Precious Metal Management Netherlands (EBN). You can therefore only buy these bars in combination with storage. Since the silver bars are stored in the customs warehouse, you can buy silver cheaply, free of VAT, and you can resell the silver within the customs warehouse.
The Silver Mountain is subject to licensing for the offering of its products in accordance with the Financial Supervision Act and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets.


  • 1000 troy ounces (31.103 kilos) pure silver (99.99%)
  • Storage in LOOMIS precious metal storage facility in Zurich
  • You save 21% VAT
  • Low premium and storage costs
The images shown are for indication. We deliver the 1000 troy ounce VAT-free silver bars from various LBMA certified suppliers. 

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Valcambi is a Swiss producer of gold and silver bars. The producer is best known for its combibars, gold bars available in various formats such as 20x 1 gram and 10x 1 gram, where the small bars can be broken off like chocolate pieces. This makes it easy to trade gold in pieces of 1 gram of pure gold.

All gold bars are stamped with the producer's logo, the weight, and an indication of the purity of 99.9% pure gold. Naturally, Valcambi is also a recognized producer with Good Delivery Status. As a result, Valcambi's gold bars are widely tradable and accepted worldwide.