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  • 1/2 troy ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic front
  • 1/2 troy ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic back
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1/2 troy ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic

1.242,00 Per piece 80,13 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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The 1/2 troy ounce gold Philharmoniker coin originates from Austria and weighs 15.55 grams. These coins are struck in 99.9... The 1/2 troy ounce gold Philharmoniker coin originates from Austria and weighs 15.55 grams. These coins are struck in 99.99% pure gold and are very suitable for the investor in physical gold.
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Munze osterreich
Selling price
€ 1.242,00
Price per gram
€ 80,13
Net weight
1/2 troy ounce (15,5 gram)
15,50 gram
Year of issue
Münze Österreich


1/2 troy ounce Philharmonic coin in pure gold

The Philharmonic coins are struck by the Royal Austrian Mint in 99.99% pure gold. This is the highest gold content, and these coins are specifically minted to facilitate the trading of physical gold in a standard, convenient denomination.
The weight of 1/2 troy ounce corresponds to 15.55 grams. Especially with a high gold price, coins of this weight are popular and a suitable alternative to coins struck in 1 troy ounce of gold.
Since 1989, the gold Philharmonic has been issued by the Royal Austrian Mint. The design of the coins has remained the same over all those years, with only the year adjusted. Then, since the introduction of the Euro in 2002, the nominal value has been adjusted.

Design of 1/2 troy ounce gold Philharmonic coin

1/2 troy ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic front


On the obverse side of the coin, instruments played in the world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are depicted. Among them are the cello, violin, harp, horn, and double bass. At the top of the coin, the text "Wiener Philharmoniker" is added. By placing all other texts on the opposite side of the coin, the instruments are effectively highlighted.

1/2 troy ounce gold Vienna Philharmonic back


On the reverse side of the coin, the largest organ in the world is depicted. It is located in the concert hall of the symphony orchestra in Vienna, the Golden Hall in the Musikvereinssaal. This hall is renowned as one of the most beautiful and acoustically excellent venues in the world. The year of issue, the weight, the nominal value, and the fineness of the gold coin are also depicted on the reverse side.

Philharmonic coins: a popular choice when buying gold

The fact that the 1/2 troy ounce Philharmonic coin is a legal tender and its quality is guaranteed by the Austrian government makes it a popular coin. Additionally, its high gold content contributes to the popularity of the coin, making it one of the best-selling investment coins.

Purchase and delivery of 1/2 troy ounce Philharmonic coin

All coins are delivered by The Silver Mountain in a plastic coin holder. We supply coins from previous years, without making a distinction in the specific year of the gold 1/2 troy ounce Philharmonic coin. All coins are in good condition, and our buy-back guarantee applies to all coins.
The displayed image is for indication purposes only. We supply coins from various years. Also, check out the 1/2 troy ounce gold Philharmonic of the current year. New coins are always slightly more expensive to purchase, as this pricing includes production costs and transportation costs to the Netherlands. Coins from previous years are purchased from individuals, making them a cost-effective alternative when buying the 1/2 troy ounce gold Philharmonic coin.

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Munze osterreich

Münze Österreich

Münze Österreich, also known as the Austrian Mint, is an Austrian mint responsible for producing Austria's currency. It is a global player in the international coin industry and is renowned for its impressive collectible coins, which are supplied to many countries worldwide. In their beautiful building in Vienna, they combine craftsmanship with tradition, creating stunning coins using cutting-edge technologies. Many of these coins are developed by their in-house numismatic experts. Coins from Münze Österreich are highly sought after by both investors and collectors.

In addition to minting coins, Münze Österreich supplies planchets to other countries. Planchets are discs of silver or gold used to make coins. Since 1989, Münze Österreich has been owned by the Austrian National Bank and produces around 450 million coins annually.