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“I wanted to make it possible for individuals to purchase physical silver and gold in a safe and transparent manner.” Rolf van Zanten , founder of The Silver Mountain

A brief history: how The Silver Mountain grew to become the largest gold and silver webshop in the Netherlands

As the founder of the first webshop for silver coins in the Netherlands, Rolf van Zanten wanted to make silver as an investment product accessible to the general public. Little did he know that The Silver Mountain would grow into the largest bullion dealer online in the Netherlands...
Seizing Opportunities: Rolf van Zanten took this concept very literally when, as an enthusiastic student of Commercial Economics in 2008, he wanted to solve a difficult investment dilemma. At that time, acquiring physical silver as an investment product for individuals was quite complicated. For example, silver bars could only be purchased from a handful of banks in the Netherlands and were subject to VAT. Coins could almost only be bought at physical auction houses. The young Rolf, a fervent coin collector since early childhood, was inspired by his beloved hobby and found a smart way to open up the market.

Silver Revolution

Determined to make the purchase of physical silver and gold possible in a safe and transparent manner, he began importing silver investment coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf. Under the name The Silver Mountain, he then offered this valuable investment to individuals online for the first time in the Netherlands. This sparked a modest Silver Revolution in the precious metals market.

Distinctive in Offering and Service

After a flying start, The Silver Mountain significantly expanded its online offering of physical precious metals. By consistently setting high standards and continuously innovating, Rolf and his company quickly captured a leading market position. He ensured that every webshop visitor - from small collectors to wealthy investors - could find something to their liking with custom-made products. And something special: over the years, various unique self-designed series were added to the already extensive collection of gold, silver, and platinum bars, coins, and related objects. Thanks to The Silver Mountain, clients suddenly had a lot and always something new to choose from. With the certainty of shopping convenience, excellent service, and transparency in origin and price structure.
The rest, as they say, is history: in fifteen years, the company grew into the largest gold and silver webshop in the Netherlands. And Rolf? He continues to strive to prolong The Silver Mountain’s success. Out of love for the product, based on years of market expertise, and the proven strength of a strong customer-oriented vision.

Well-Informed Investing in Gold and Silver

Buying precious metals is not an everyday activity for most people. We are happy to share our expertise with you. In our Knowledge Center, you will find the necessary background information and can use our handy product selector. This will guide you to the best product choice in just a few steps. Need personal advice? Our expert team is ready to answer all your questions regarding your purchase.

Physical precious metals: choosing stability

The developments on the world stage are anything but a distant spectacle in this era: we feel the effects daily in our wallets. High gas prices, expensive groceries, and the ongoing madness in the housing market affect us all, directly or indirectly. Protecting your wealth and purchasing power therefore requires smart and safe investment choices more than ever. Physical precious metals fit perfectly within that strategy.

‘Golden Formula’ for Protecting Purchasing Power

Diversification and spreading risks are the most common investment methods to mitigate risks. Investment objects with intrinsic value, such as physical precious metals, further reduce risks. This is not a luxury in a time when savings interest rates remain historically low despite a recent slight increase, and inflation is increasingly difficult to control. For instance, we have seen the purchasing power of the euro and the dollar decrease by more than 50% in the last 30 years, and over the past 90 years, this decline has been more than 95%. The value of our paper money is now based solely on our trust in the government and our faith in a monetary system. Meanwhile, this system is under strain due to global economic and social unrest.
Fortunately, gold and silver provide stability amidst all this turmoil. As investment objects with strong independence and constant value, they can even fully compensate for losses elsewhere. It is not surprising that seasoned investors choose physical precious metals as a component of their ‘golden formula’ for financial security and preserving purchasing power.

Gold and Silver: Historically Seen as a Safe Choice

As an investor in precious metals, you are joining a venerable tradition: the possession of gold and silver has been seen worldwide for over 5,000 years as the way to ensure financial security. For this long, the unique combination of beauty, durability, and versatility of gold and silver has had a magical attraction to humans. The fact that precious metals are scarce and their supply is finite makes them irresistible to this day. As a result, they generally perform better than, for instance, stocks.

The Unique Universal Value of Precious Metals

Of course, the value of gold and silver can fluctuate due to market movements. Every investment carries a certain risk. At the same time, owning physical precious metals offers several significant advantages. For instance, you do not face credit risk. There is no counterparty involved in your investment that could default or go bankrupt. Furthermore, the value of precious metals is generally hardly influenced by value developments of other financial assets. This is precisely why they are particularly popular among investors looking to diversify.
With gold, silver, and platinum in your portfolio, you choose an investment with universal value. This means, first and foremost, that your investment is recognized and accepted as valuable assets worldwide. Moreover, you are in a market that is not driven solely by investors. Gold, silver, and platinum are, in addition to being investment objects, also essential raw materials for various applications in numerous sectors, from jewelry and medicine to technological industries. A stronger guarantee that there will always be demand for physical precious metals worldwide is hardly conceivable. And this is certainly a comforting thought in times of financial crisis and high inflation, for yourself and for those close to you.

The Silver Mountain: Secure, Safe, and Transparent Purchases

In the growing market of physical precious metals, you can rely on our team of dedicated professionals for many years. Expertise and impeccable service have been the core components of The Silver Mountain’s mission since our founding. We aim to distinguish ourselves with these qualities. To serve you at the highest level, we not only closely follow market developments but also listen carefully to the feedback and wishes of all our clients. Do you have questions, suggestions, comments, or compliments? Feel free to share them with us!

Our guarantees

  • Impeccable service
  • Wide and distinctive selection  
  • Guaranteed authenticity
  • Full service
  • Secure storage 
  • AFM supervision  
  • Buyback guarantee  
  • Transparent, market-based prices 
  • Always fully insured transport  
  • Unique personal delivery service

Our Assortment: Authentic and Distinctive

Your investment deserves a reliable partner with expertise: The Silver Mountain. Our carefully curated selection, as included in our catalog, features both common investment coins and exclusive investment objects (some even designed on behalf of The Silver Mountain) and bars of silver and gold of the highest quality. This quality is evident not only in the origin of our products but also in their stylish designs and the unique series they are part of. Although we are the largest coin dealer in the Netherlands, we always strive to offer you something special.
All our bars come from recognized producers and refineries listed on the Good Delivery List of the London Bullion Market Association. This guarantees that these bars are tradable worldwide without the need for further analysis. If you choose gold bars, you will always receive newly minted bars with a unique serial number in sealed packaging. The coins we trade are generally minted in the highest grade of silver or gold, with new coins, such as those we purchase from artisanal, often centuries-old mints like The Royal Mint, always delivered in their original packaging.


So many people, so many wishes. Whatever yours are, with our full-service policy, we deliver your physical precious metals wherever, whenever, and however you want. We offer home delivery but also the option to pick up orders yourself. Of course, you can also securely store your valuable investment with our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. Through our purchasing organization Inkoop Edelmetaal, you can also easily sell your precious metals at any time and at the best rates.

Home Delivery or Pick-Up

Simple and Secure: At The Silver Mountain, you can choose to have your order delivered directly to you. This is done fully insured and discreetly via our in-house courier, who guarantees personal delivery of your package. An identity check and your signature upon receipt prevent your package from falling into the wrong hands. Your package will never be delivered to your neighbors or left unattended, regardless of its value. We make no exceptions to this rule. You will receive a track & trace code and a three-hour delivery window in advance. Do you want your order delivered during the day, in the evening, or on a Saturday? Let us know. Prefer to pick up your order at our office? That’s also possible. You can even pay for your order on the spot, either in cash or by PIN.

Buyback Guarantee

Are you familiar with our buyback guarantee? It means that we guarantee you can sell all investment coins and/or bars purchased from us back at market-compliant prices. We base our buyback guarantee - the guaranteed price at which we buy from you - on the current gold and/or silver rate. We use fixed formulas for this and set no limit on the volume you can sell. To serve you even better, we sometimes take the liberty to increase our bid prices during favorable market conditions. Recently, we temporarily increased our bid price for silver investment coins to 110%: when the market is good, our clients always benefit. That’s another assurance from The Silver Mountain.

AFM Supervision: Safe, Traceable, Verifiable


You want to protect your assets optimally. That’s why we offer the secure storage option of Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland for your purchased precious metals. With Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, we meet all the high requirements set by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) for the sale of precious metal investment objects combined with storage. The AFM license granted to us ensures that you do not take unnecessary risks when buying, selling, and storing your precious metals. All your transactions are carried out according to fixed, transparent procedures, all transports are traceable, and your valuable assets are stored under AFM supervision.
For clarity: AFM supervision does not apply to transactions where purchased precious metals are physically delivered to you, such as orders you pick up yourself or have delivered. Of course, you can also rely on our high quality and safety standards for these deliveries.

Economies of Scale: Even More Favorable Gold and Silver Purchases

The Silver Mountain ensures you market-compliant, real-time prices: we adjust our prices every three minutes, 24/7, to the gold and silver rates at that specific moment. However, we are happy to go even further for you. Thanks to the economies of scale we enjoy as the largest bullion dealer in the Netherlands, we can offer our products at even more competitive rates for multiple purchases. In our webshop, you will see tiered pricing listed for the most common investment coins and bars: the larger your order, the lower the unit price.

The Silver Mountain Knowledge Center

All that glitters is not gold. As a (prospective) investor in precious metals, you benefit from an honest and clear story about your purchase, transparency, knowledge, and insight. As a service to our customers, we have therefore set up an online Knowledge Center, with a wealth of useful information about buying, storing, and selling gold, silver, and other physical precious metals. In our Knowledge Center, you will find extensive advisory guides full of practical tips, background information, and our product selector, which guides you to the most suitable product for your investment based on your criteria.
In addition, our Knowledge Center contains various current background articles, columns, and news items from our experts, as well as a range of informative videos in which The Silver Mountain founder Rolf van Zanten succinctly answers the most frequently asked questions by our specialists. This way, you are well-prepared when you purchase physical precious metals for the first time and, if desired, you can delve further into the subject as a holder of gold and silver investment objects.
Do you still have questions after visiting the Knowledge Center? Would you like personal advice regarding your purchase? Feel free to contact us for an appointment at our office in Baarn or in our exclusive showroom at Prins Hendrikplein in The Hague. We look forward to welcoming you!