Gold bar 100 grams C. Hafner

Gold bar 100 grams C. Hafner

100 Grams gold bar C. Hafner, struck in 99.99% fine gold.
Gold bar 100 grams C. Hafner

Gold bar 100 grams C. Hafner

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Gold bar 100 grams C. Hafner

The gold bars of C. Hafner contain 100 grams fine gold. Hafner is a melter which is LBMA-accredited since 2013. All Hafner gold bars have a 'Good Delivery Status'. These gold bars contain 24 Carat gold.

The gold bar comes in a credit card capsule and contains a unique serial number including a certificate of authenticity.

Gold bars 100 grams

The gold bars of 100 grams are a good alternative for gold coins, because these bars are reltively cheaper than gold coins of 1 troy ounce. The production costs of these bars are not much more than a gold coin of 1 ounce.



  • 100 grams gold bar 99.99% pure gold
  • Tradeable worldwide
  • Supplied with certificate of authenticity

Gold bars 100 grams

The 100 gram gold bar is a popular gold bar. Relatively speaking, you get more gold for your money. This has to do with the fact that in particular the production costs compared to a gold bar of, for example, 1 troy ounce are almost equal to the production costs of a gold bar of 100 grams.


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