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5 Kilo silver bar Umicore

5 Kilo silver bar Umicore

5 Kilograms fine silver bar, listed on the "Good Delivery" list from the LBMA. Minted by Umicore. All our bars are new and in good condition. You can trade these bars without further analysis. Umicore guarantees the weight and purity.
5 Kilo silver bar Umicore

5 Kilo silver bar Umicore

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5 kilo silver bar Umicore

This bar is minted by Umicore. All our bars are in new condition. Each bar has a unique serial number, the logo of Umicore and the text Feinsilber, 999,7.

All our prices are 19% Dutch VAT included. If you can provide us with a valid VAT ID, we can offer silver bars free of VAT. If you want to invest in silver bullion as a private investor we recommend silver coins. The coins are less expensive, since they are not charged with 19% VAT and they are also cheaper and easier to trade.

Silver bars are the best choice among companies who wants to buy silver.



  • 5 kilos of silver struck in 99.9% pure silver
  • Globally known Umicore
  • Extra interesting as a business investment

Silver and VAT

The price for this silver bar includes 21% VAT. Do you want to buy silver as a private individual? Also consider silver coins, which are cheaper to buy and have a higher market value than bars. If you buy silver as a business investment, ie on behalf of a company, then these types of bars are ideal. The heavier the bar, the lower the storage compared to the silver price.

Silver bars are seen as an industrial object. For that reason, silver bars are taxed with 21% VAT. All prices on our website include VAT. If you buy silver from us, you will receive an invoice that clearly states the price of your silver bar. The VAT rate is also specified.


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