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The silver Lunar collector coins

At The Silver Mountain, we sell many silver coins, including popular Lunar coins. Lunar collectible coins are based on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Each year, a different animal takes centre stage. According to legend, each animal influences the personality of children born in the year of that animal, for example people born in the year of the tiger are seen as brave and active.

The Perth Mint series

One of the most popular Lunar series is from The Perth Mint series. The current 12-year series is already the third time the mint has issued a Lunar series. Due to the great success of the first two series, the Lunar III series was launched in 2020 with the year of the mouse.

The silver Lunar III series consists of silver collector coins in various sizes. The beautiful design of the coin's obverse is redesigned every year and is based on one of the animals from the Chinese zodiac. These animals are always shown in great detail. The reverse of the coin features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark.

Besides the silver Lunar collector coins, The Perth Mint also issues gold Lunar coins. These coins are also based on the Chinese zodiac, but often have just a different design.

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