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Buy Silver Bars

At The Silver Mountain, you can purchase silver bars in denominations ranging from 100 grams up to 15 kilograms. All our silver bars are struck in at least 99.9% pure silver and are sourced directly from official mints or recognized producers such as Umicore and the Germania Mint. Within Europe, 1 kilogram and 5-kilogram silver bars are the most common. Silver bars are subject to 21% VAT, and the prices we display are inclusive of VAT.

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Purchase silver online at The Silver Mountain.

The Silver Mountain specializes in the purchase, sale, and storage of physical precious metals. We primarily cater to individuals seeking to safeguard their purchasing power by investing in assets such as gold and silver. Additionally, corporate clients can diversify their corporate assets and acquire silver bars through us.
Through our website, it is easy to buy physical silver online. Each product displays the current price and delivery time. You can choose to pick up silver at our office locations, have it delivered through our personal delivery service, or stored at our sister company, Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland.
For silver storage, we have secure and allocated storage facilities in both the Netherlands and Switzerland. Our personal delivery service ensures insured, discreet, and appointment-based delivery of silver bars with identity verification.
The Silver Mountain is licensed by the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to offer precious metals as investment objects.

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Buy silver bars from recognized producers.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) determines which producers of silver bars are recognized. Producers that meet the LBMA's requirements are listed on the Good Delivery List. All silver bars must be struck in at least 99.9% pure silver. The LBMA also oversees the refining process and the origin of the precious metal.
Silver bars with Good Delivery Status are easily traded worldwide. This is because with the Good Delivery Status, there are no questions about the origin or silver content of the bars. This means that no further analysis is needed to buy or sell such bars.

The Silver Mountain exclusively deals in silver bars from recognized producers. Our main supplier of silver bars is Umicore. This refinery exclusively produces new silver bars ranging from 100 grams to 15 kilograms, struck in pure silver.

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Buying Silver Bars with VAT

Silver bars are subject to 21% VAT. This makes purchasing physical silver bars more attractive for businesses than for individuals. If you're a private buyer looking to invest in silver, consider opting for silver coins!

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Buying Silver Bars with VAT

As silver is considered a commodity by the tax authorities, silver bars are subject to 21% VAT. This makes purchasing silver bars more appealing for business customers than for individuals. Businesses can reclaim the VAT when buying silver.
If you're buying silver as an individual, silver coins or coin bars are the most attractive investment option, as they are traded under the margin scheme.

Buying Silver Bars without VAT

 There is a way for individuals to buy silver bars without paying VAT. VAT-free silver refers to large industrial silver bars that must be stored in a customs warehouse in Switzerland. Since the silver remains stored in Switzerland, there's no physical delivery, and therefore no Dutch VAT is applicable. This allows you to buy silver at the lowest possible price.
Industrial silver bars are large enough that their production costs are much lower than smaller silver bars. The bars stored VAT-free in the customs warehouse are available in 100 troy ounces (3.1 kilograms) and 1,000 troy ounces (31.1 kilograms).
The silver must remain stored within this warehouse and cannot be easily removed or transported. Purchasing VAT-free silver allows you to benefit from the lowest possible premium, and you can always take advantage of our buy-back guarantee. Particularly for private purchases and larger purchase amounts, this can be a very attractive alternative.

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Silver coin bars are both a coin and a bar

If you're an individual who prefers to buy silver and physically receive it, you can opt for purchasing silver coin bars. Mints have devised an innovative solution to combine coins and bars. In this process, a silver coin is struck into a silver bar. As a result, the entire silver bar obtains the status of a "coin" and carries a certain nominal value. This allows the coin bar to be bought and sold under the margin scheme, making it significantly cheaper than a regular silver bar.

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Buyback guarantee for silver bars

At The Silver Mountain, you can take advantage of our buy-back guarantee after purchasing silver bars. Regardless of the market conditions at the time you wish to sell back a silver bar, you can utilize our buy-back guarantee. This guarantee means that you can always easily and quickly sell the silver bar back to us at a bid price based on the current silver price. We buy back silver bars at 95% of the prevailing silver price.
Our buy-back guarantee applies to virtually all precious metals we sell.

Buyback guarantee for businesses

If you purchased the silver as a business, which is common when buying silver bars, you can issue an invoice to us when you want to sell the silver. To facilitate this, a business dossier needs to be created first so that we know who is authorized to act on behalf of the company. We also need to know the identity of the director/owner. Once this dossier is approved, your company can sell silver to us.

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More information about investing in silver

Investing in silver can be interesting for several reasons. Like gold, silver has a tradition of being considered a valuable precious metal. Coins in various civilizations were minted in silver and gold for this reason.
Today, we no longer use silver as a currency, and the financial system is increasingly becoming digital. Since the abolition of the gold standard, we have an unbacked monetary system, meaning that all money currently in circulation is created as debt.
By converting wealth into physical gold and silver, it's possible to become less dependent on this fiat monetary system. It's a way to have something on hand that has always had a certain value and continues to hold value.
Furthermore, silver is widely used in today's industry. Silver is used, among other things, in electronics, solar panels, and batteries. More than 50% of the annual global demand for silver comes from this sector. With all emerging industries, the demand for silver is increasing while the supply is limited.
The price of silver itself is relatively low. For example, compared to the price of gold, silver is much cheaper now than it was decades ago. Since 2009, the price of silver has been increasing at an average rate of 8% per year, making buying silver a suitable method to offset the effects of inflation.

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Make the right choice when buying silver

Silver bars are subject to 21% VAT and are therefore mainly interesting for business customers. If you purchase silver on behalf of a company, for example, on behalf of your personal holding company, you can generally reclaim the VAT. If you cannot do this, or if you are buying silver as a private individual, then silver coins and silver coin bars are cost-effective options for investing in silver.
To gain insight into the most interesting options, you can consult our Decision Support tool. Here, you can compare products based on the current price per gram and the spread (the difference between the purchase price and the selling price).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Silver Bars

What are silver bars?

Silver bars are cast bars of pure silver (99.9%). At The Silver Mountain, you can buy silver bars in quantities ranging from 100 grams to 15 kilograms. We only supply silver bars from recognized producers such as Umicore. All the silver bars we offer have Good Delivery Status.

Important to note when purchasing silver bars is that they are subject to 21% VAT. This VAT cannot be reclaimed by private individuals and cannot be charged upon sale. Private individuals are better off opting for silver coins. If you want to invest in physical silver as a business, then silver bars may be an interesting option for you.

Why buy silver bars instead of silver coins?

Silver bars have lower production costs compared to coins. Silver bars are particularly interesting for business investors or individuals opting for VAT-free silver bars combined with storage. Important factors to consider are VAT and the buy-back guarantee.

What should you consider when buying a silver bar?

The key factors to consider when buying silver bars are VAT, storage, and any storage costs. Additionally, it's important to purchase silver bars that are LBMA-accredited and have Good Delivery Status.

Is investing in silver bars advisable for novice investors?

Silver bars are only interesting for business investors. Silver bars are subject to 21% VAT and are therefore not attractive for private investors. If you, as a private individual, want to buy silver bars without VAT, opt for VAT-free silver.

For novice, private investors, it's more interesting to buy silver coins because they fall under the margin scheme. With the margin scheme, VAT is only paid on the profit.

What is VAT-free silver?

VAT-free silver refers to silver bars that are stored in a customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland upon purchase. This means the silver does not cross the Dutch border and is not taxed. You can choose silver bars of 1 kilogram, 100 troy ounces, or 1000 troy ounces. The larger the denomination, the lower the production costs are in proportion. Therefore, the 1,000 troy ounce silver bars are the most interesting option, offering the lowest price per gram.

In what sizes are silver bars available?

You can buy silver bars weighing 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram, 5 kilograms, up to 15 kilograms. Most silver bars are square, but there are certain series that look different.

Only VAT-free silver cannot be delivered and must be stored in a customs warehouse in Switzerland. All our other silver bars are already available from stock and are delivered by our personal delivery service.

Is a certificate of authenticity provided with a silver bar?

Silver bars are not supplied with a certificate of authenticity. However, all silver bars are equipped with a unique serial number, also known as the bar number. It is important that each silver bar indicates the bar number, weight, and fineness. Additionally, the producer must be an LBMA-accredited producer.

What does the Good Delivery Status mean?

When a producer meets the stringent requirements of the London Bullion Market Association, they are listed on the Good Delivery List. Producers on this list have the Good Delivery Status, ensuring that the silver and gold originating from them are genuine.

How will my silver bar be delivered?

Your ordered silver bars will be personally delivered by our personal delivery service. We deliver our orders in an inconspicuous van on a pre-determined delivery date. On the morning of delivery, we will inform you of the time window for delivery. The silver bars are delivered after an identity check, and we only deliver to your delivery address.

You can also choose to pick up your silver bars by appointment at our office in Baarn. Have you purchased VAT-free silver bars? These are stored in a customs warehouse in Switzerland and are not delivered to you personally.

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