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Purchasing silver investment coins at The Silver Mountain

At The Silver Mountain, you can easily and securely buy silver investment coins online. If you are looking to invest in physical silver, it is advantageous to buy silver coins. This is because you do not pay VAT on silver investment coins, unlike silver bars.

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Silver investment coins

Silver bullion coins are coins that trade at a low premium to the silver price. If you want to invest in physical silver as a private individual, silver investment coins will always be a better choice than silver bars. This is because the silver coins are traded under the margin scheme and silver bars are taxed with 21% VAT. On balance, you are much cheaper with silver investment coins and you get more silver for the same purchase amount.

The most common silver bullion coins are minted in 31.103 grams of pure silver, which is the size of 1 troy ounce. The Maple Leaf, Philharmoniker, Silver Eagle are common investment coins. Depending on the market conditions, it is possible that one currency is slightly cheaper than the other. The weight and content of all coins is the same and even if you ever sell the silver investment coins back, you will receive the same price for everything. The most affordable (cheapest) silver investment coin is therefore the best option.

Possible price differences can occur if mints have increased their premium, or if we at The Silver Mountain have purchased a large amount of a certain currency we pass on the discount to you as a customer. Coins from previous years will always be cheaper because they have been purchased through private individuals and that is always cheaper than the new coins that are produced abroad and then sent to the Netherlands.

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