Buy 50 gram gold bars at The Silver Mountain

50 gram gold bars are offered by The Silver Mountain and minted in 99,99% fine gold. These gold bars are produced by manufacturers with the Good Delivery Status. 50 gram gold bars a good way to invest in physical gold. The 50 gram gold bar is one of the most popular sized to invest in gold bars.

Gold bar 50 grams

The 50 gram gold bars sold at The Silver Mountain consist of 99.99% pure gold, the purest form of gold. All gold bars come from recognized manufacturers and have been tested for authenticity.

Buying a gold bar of 50 grams

With a 50 gram gold bar you buy the purest gold there is, with a gold content of 99.99%, equivalent to 24 carat gold. Gold has been viewed as the “real money” for centuries and is popular with investors for portfolio diversification and as a protection against inflation.

In our product range we have the following well-known 50 gram gold bars:

  • Umicore gold bar 50 grams
  • C. Hafner gold bar 50 grams
  • Pamp Suisse gold bar 50 grams
  • 50 gram gold bar various producers

What is 50 grams of gold worth?

The price of gold bars is determined by the production costs and the current gold price. The price of the gold bars on the website is adjusted every 5 minutes, so that it always up to date with the current gold price.

Recycled gold is often used to produce a gold bar, which is extracted from, for example, mobile phones or other equipment and old jewelry. As a result, the production costs of gold bars are lower than those of gold coins of the same weight.

Storage gold bar 50 grams

The Silver Mountain has the option to store your 50 grams gold bar at our storage locations here in The Netherlands and abroad. In collaboration with Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland, we ensure that your gold is always stored safely and optimally insured. Choose storage at the checkout of your order to have your gold stored immediately.

Sell ​​gold bar 50 grams

Sell ​​your gold bar 50 grams? At The Silver Mountain, you get a unique buy-back guarantee. We buy back your gold bar at 98% of the current gold price. This way you always have the freedom to exchange your gold bar for fiduciary money.

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