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50 grams gold CombiBar

50 grams gold CombiBar

This gold combibar contains 50 1 gram gold bars. These combibars are supplied by producer Valcambi.

50 grams gold CombiBar

50 grams gold CombiBar

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Gold bar combibars

The so-called CombiBars are gold bars of which part can be broken down, just like chocolate bars. This makes these gold bars a lot easier to trade. This gold bar consists of 50 gold bars of 1 gram of pure gold.

Trading small amounts of gold

Combibars - similar to a chocolate bar - were introduced at the end of 2011: these gold bars can be broken down into small pieces of 1 gram of pure gold each. The pieces of gold can be easily broken loose. No gold is lost in the process. The idea behind these gold bars is that one no longer needs to sell the purchased number of grams of gold immediately when reselling, but that this is also possible in a smaller quantity per transaction.

The producers supplying the gold combibars of 50x 1 gram have Good Delivery Status with the LBMA and therefore these gold bars are tradable worldwide without analysis.


The 50x 1 gram gold Combibar has a size of 74 x 52.50 x 0.85 mm. 



  • Gold bars of 99.99% pure gold
  • Individually salable gold bars
  • Supplied with certificate
Gold as a currency

Gold as a currency

The Combi Bars are ideal for trading in small denominations of gold. Each gold bar is separately tradable and each gold bar shows the weight (1 gram of gold) and the producer's logo.

We supply golden combibars from Valcambi.


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