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Buy Platinum coins

The Silver Mountain always offers platinum at the current platinum price and purchases are VAT exempted. We always apply the most recent rate. Moreover, we have a buy-back guarantee of 100% so if you want to sell your platinum coins in the future, we will offer you 95% of the platinum price at that time.

Do you have questions about platinum or are you planning to invest in platinum? Do you doubt whether to buy gold, silver or platinum?
Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be glad to help.

Platinum price

The platinum price largely depends on the industrial demand in combination with the production of it. Most platinum is mined in South Africa (70%) and Russia (12%). The platinum price fluctuates quite a lot because the number of production locations is very limited. Most of the production takes place in South Africa, making the price very volatile. Unlike gold, the platinum price used to be higher. A kilo of gold has sporadically been more expensive than a kilo of platinum over the past few years.

The chart of the World Platinum Investment Council shows an overview of the amount of platinum which has been mined the last few years. It is a trend for less platinum to be mined than there is demand for. Therefore, investors expect a platinum shortage could occur. This means the platinum asking price could greatly increase. Thus, an opportunity for investors.

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