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These silver collectible coins in various shapes and sizes include designs featuring various mythical figures, such as the famous dragon. We guarantee the authenticity of all the silver we sell.

The Queens Beasts series

The Queens Beasts series is an issue of the UK's Royal Mint. This popular series features silver, gold and platinum coins with varying designs from the heroic statues of the Queens Beasts. The Queens Beasts Collection features ten fantasy and mythical beasts portrayed in striking coin designs by Jody Clark.

History of the Queen Beasts

The statues depicting heroic animals with a coat of arms were placed in 1953 in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation at Westminster Abbey. Each statue symbolised part of Queen Elizabeth II's ancestry and one of the families.

The Queens Beasts can still be seen in surprising everyday places, such as on British passports, pound coins and regularly appear in British art.

Buy silver Queen Beasts coins

Among investors and collectors, Queens Beasts coins are very popular. Because the coins are so popular, there is often only a short period in which the coins are available after their introduction.

In the overview above, you can see which silver coins from the Queens Beasts series are currently on sale at The Silver Mountain and which coins are currently sold out. For sold-out coins, you can choose to set up a stock alert. Should the coins then still be available in the future, you will automatically receive a free email notification.

Within this series, started in 2016, the silver coins are available in two different sizes, namely in 2 troy ounces (62.2 grams) and 10 troy ounces (311 grams).

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