Buy 250 gram gold bars at The Silver Mountain

When investors are considering investing larger amounts in gold, they frequently opt for 250 gram gold bars. These bars come are available at a lower premium in comparison to smaller gold bars. Our selection of gold bars features new gold bars from manufactures with a Good Delivery Status, such as Umicore and C. Hafner. These gold bars are minted in 99,99% pure gold.

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Gold bar 250 grams

Buy 250 gram gold bars

250-gram gold bars are popular with investors looking to invest in gold for a larger amount. Due to this higher weight, the premium between the gold price and the purchase value of the gold bar is low, giving you more gold for the same amount.

Gold has a very high specific gravity. Especially objects struck in pure gold are therefore very compact. The size of a 250-gram gold bar can be compared to the size of a lighter. So it is a very small block of gold. Because of the production process, 250-gram gold bars look different from most smaller gold bars. This is because smaller gold bars are struck in the form of plates while larger gold bars are cast in the traditional way.

250 gram gold bars from LBMA-accredited companies

Many buyers of the 250-gram gold bar choose LBMA-accredited manufacturers. The LBMA is responsible for regulating the gold market in London, the main international bullion exchange. Because of the LBMA certificate, gold bars can be traded anywhere in the world, without analysis. You are assured that the gold bars meet the highest possible standard and strict requirements in production..

Gold bar authenticity guarantee

All gold bars we buy from private individuals are extensively checked for authenticity to guarantee their authenticity. For new gold bars, we only sell gold bars from LBMA-approved producers. You can recognize these bars by the certificate of authenticity, where the gold bar itself must always also show the weight, content and brand name of the manufacturer.

Buy 250-gram gold bars with certificate of authenticity
The Silver Mountain's 250-gram gold bars are always thoroughly checked for authenticity before being offered for sale. The gold bars always come with certificate of authenticity.The certificate lists important details about the gold bar, for example the weight, manufacturer's name and unique serial number.

Store 250 grams of gold bars

The Silver Mountain gives you the option of storing your 250-gram gold bar with our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. They will ensure that your gold is stored safely and completely in your name. You have the option of having your gold stored in the Netherlands or Switzerland.

Choose storage when checking out your order to have your gold stored immediately.

Selling your 250-gram gold bar

When you buy 250-gram gold bars from The Silver Mountain, you get a unique buy-back guarantee. We will buy back your gold bar at 98% of the then current gold rate.

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