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Gold and silver accessories

Discover various accessories for optimum storage of your gold and silver. By storing your coins airtight, you prevent deposits and scratches on the coins. This keeps the coins in good condition. Among other things, we supply coin capsules by Leuchtturm in various sizes, suitable for storing gold and silver coins. These capsules come in boxes of 10 and each box indicates the diameter and which coins are suitable for this capsule.

What is the best way to store coins?

Your gold and silver coins can damage each other when stored together and the metals can rub off on each other. A half-full tube is best supplemented with soft packaging material to keep the coins in place.

You don't want to have dust or fingerprints on your coins, to avoid this you can use a coin case or coin capsule made of plastic, where you store your coins individually.

Buy coin capsules for your coins

Your coin is a precious asset and should therefore also be treated with care. Protecting your coin from damage is therefore of great importance. A good way of protecting your coin is the quadrum capsule. The capsule consisting of crystal-clear, non-coloured acrylic protects your coin from moisture, dirt and scratches.

The coin capsules are produced in different sizes so that they fit perfectly for each specific coin. For example, there are special coin capsules for golden tens and capsules for Maple Leafs and American Eagles. Thus, there is a good solution for every coin against damage.

Caring for your precious coin deserves as much attention as choosing your gold or silver coin. After all, you want to keep your coins in good condition to preserve them for future generations.

Would you like to add to your collection? Then feel free to take a look at our silver coins, where you will find all our silver coins conveniently listed. Or take a look at the gold coins page, which is also worthwhile.

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