Golden Maple Leaf

The gold Maple Leaf coin is one of the most popular investment coins for physical gold investors. The coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold and comes in various weights. Gold Maple Leaf coins come from Canada and are traded as investment gold.

Maple Leaf gold

Gold Maple Leaf coins are a popular choice among investors buying physical gold because these coins are minted in the highest grade of gold. Maple Leaf coins are also well known worldwide and therefore very easy to trade. The value of these gold Maple Leaf coins is based on the gold price, which is also expressed in troy ounces, making the value known worldwide. The Maple Leaf is available in different sizes, from both previous years and the current year. The newly minted gold coins, so those of the current year, are always in new condition. Because a gold coin minted in 99.99% pure gold is quite fragile, the Maple Leaf may have small scratches on the coins. This has no adverse effect on the value of the gold coin.

Buy Gold Maple Leaf

The gold Maple Leaf has been issued by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1979. These gold coins are minted in 99.99% pure gold and are next to the Krugerrand coins the most popular gold investment coins in the world.

Since 2013, the gold Maple Leaf coins have been provided with a small laser engraving on the coin, in order to prevent counterfeiting. The design of the Maple Leaf coins has since been improved with some regularity. The reverse of the coin also regularly features a image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Gold Maple Leaf weights and dimensions

To make investing in gold accessible to as many people as possible, the gold Maple Leaf coins are available in various sizes. The rule when investing in physical precious metal is, “the smaller the weight, the higher the production cost.” As a result, the difference between the purchase price and the gold price is higher for small gold coins. However, you are more flexible with small weights and it is therefore possible for every budget to invest in physical gold. There is even the option to trade 1 gram gold Maple Leaf coins for the greatest degree of flexibility.

Size Diameter Thickness Weight Nominal value Production year

1/20 troy ounce

14 mm

0.92 mm

1.555 gram


From 1993

1/10 troy ounce

16 mm

1.13 mm

3.110 gram


From 1982

1/4 troy ounce

20 mm

1.78 mm

7.776 gram

10 CAD

From 1982

1/2 troy ounce

25 mm

2.23 mm

15.552 gram

20 CAD

From 1986

1 troy ounce

30 mm

2.87 mm

31.103 gram

50 CAD

From 1979

25 x 1 gram gold Maple Leaf

A blister pack with 25x 1 gram gold Maple Leaf coins from The Royal Canadian Mint. The mint guarantees that each coin contains at least 99.99% gold. With this set you have a total of 25 grams of pure gold in your hands. Each gold coin has its own serial number and the packaging also contains a certificate of authenticity.

Special Gold Maple Leaf Coins

In addition to the gold investment coins, the Canadian Mint also has a number of special gold Maple Leaf coins. These coins become available from time to time and are produced in small quantities. Some examples of these special coins are:

  • 40th Anniversary Coin: Gold Coin in Honor of the Maple Leaf's Birthday

  • Vancouver Olympic 2008: Gold Coin for the Olympic Games in Vancouver Canada

  • Assay coin Card: 1 gram of gold Maple Leaf coins in a blister pack with a unique serial number. These are the smallest possible Maple Leaf coins. These are sold individually or per 25 pieces in a blister pack.

Selling Gold Maple Leaf

Selling your gold Maple Leaf coins is done safely and quickly at The Silver Mountain.

We offer a buy-back guarantee on all gold Maple Leaf coins. Check our website for the current bid prices. We provide a unique buy-back guarantee for the gold Maple Leaf coins: we always buy these coins at 100% of the gold price at that time. Regardless of the level of the gold price or the number of coins you would like to sell, we can always fulfill this bidding guarantee thanks to our economies of scale.

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