Purchase VAT-free silver at The Silver Mountain

It is also possible at The Silver Mountain to purchase silver bars that are stored in a secure customs warehouse in Zurich, Switzerland. These silver bars are available in 1 kilogram, 100 troy ounce and 1,000 troy ounce sizes. All bars come from LBMA approved producers, primarily the Royal Canadian Mint.

Buy VAT free silver bars

Buy silver bars and save 21% VAT on your investment. You can buy silver bars and silver coins at The Silver Mountain, to be stored at a bounded warehouse. We offer VAT free silver bars at a low premium.

VAT free silver bars, stored at a bounded warehouse

You can buy VAT-free silver only in combination with storage in Switzerland. Your silver bars will be stored allocated (by name) by our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN). Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland is a provider of precious metal storage and has vault locations in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and a customs depot in Zurich, Switzerland. EBN is registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) as a provider of investment properties. The Silver Mountain is an affiliated broker of EBN and has been appointed as the exclusive partner for the purchase and sale.

The storage facilities in Zurich are located in the customs depot of LOOMIS International. This is one of the largest precious metal storage providers in Europe, where parties such as Credit Suisse also hold their stock. You are assured of safe, secure and strictly allocated storage here.

When you wish to sell your silver or gold stored at our partners, we offer you a buy back guarantee of all available products. We offer a buy back guarantee of 98% of the silver value for all stored silver bars as well as 107% of the price of silver coins.

Why VAT free silver?

When buying VAT-free silver, you pay the current prices as indicated below per silver bar size. In addition, The Silver Mountain does not charge any transport costs or other costs.

You will periodically receive an invoice from Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland for the storage of the silver bars. The storage costs are charged quarterly on the basis of the current silver value.

Storage fees for VAT-free silver custody fee
Storage and Insurance Fees in Zurich 0.90%

We do not charge storage costs, administration costs, or other costs.

We charge the best storage rate in the Netherlands.

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