1 kilo silver bar

The 1 kilo silver bar is a popular silver bar to invest in physical silver. Due to its low production costs, there is only a small difference between the purchase price and the silver price. Silver bars of 1 kilogram are a common denomination within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

All silver bars are taxed with 21% VAT and are therefore interesting for the business investor.

Buy silver bar 1 kg

The silver bar 1 kg is one of the larger denomination weights, with which you can invest in physical silver. Due to its high weight, the production costs of the silver bar are comparatively much lower than those of smaller silver bars. This reduces the difference between the purchase price of your silver bar and the current silver price, also known as the spread. As a result, many business investors opt for this size of silver bar. Alternatives that are common are the silver bars of 500 grams or 5 kilograms.

In our range we offer various 1 kilo silver bars:

  • 1 kilo Umicore silver bar
  • 1 kilo Heraeus silver bar
  • 1 kilo Germania Mint silver bar

Store silver bar 1 kilo safely

We understand that not everyone likes to have a kilo of silver in their house. That is why we have the option to store your silver at our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. Your silver is stored in one of the most highly secured vaults in the Netherlands or Switzerland. The silver bar remains your property and is fully registered in your name. For more information about storing silver, read the information about the storage we offer.

If you want to buy silver bars without VAT as a private individual, choose our VAT-free silver bars. These silver bars are stored in a customs depot in Switzerland, so you pay no VAT. VAT-free silver is available in 1 kilogram, 100 troy ounce (3.11 kilogram) and 1,000 troy ounce (31.1 kilogram) sizes. The larger the silver bar, the lower the production costs in proportion.

When checking out your order you can choose storage at Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland. We will then contact you and ensure that your silver is placed in the desired safe. All silver bars are stored fully allocated (by name) and insured at the current silver price.

Reliable silver bars

All silver bars are produced by LBMA-approved manufacturers. The LBMA quality mark guarantees the quality of the silver and whether the silver bar has been produced correctly. For example, every silver bar is struck in at least 99.9% pure silver. This silver is extracted from the mines, without exploiting the miners. Thanks to the LBMA quality mark, your silver bar can be traded worldwide without further analysis.

In addition, we check all silver bars for authenticity when we purchase them. This way you are always guaranteed of the authenticity.

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