Gold bar 10 grams

At The Silver Mountain you can buy gold bars of 10 grams from various producers. All gold bars are guaranteed to be authentic and struck in 99.99% pure gold.

Buy gold bar 10 grams

Gold bars of 10 grams are struck in 99.99% pure gold, so gold bars are exempt from VAT. You do not pay VAT on investment gold. This applies to gold that consists of at least 99.5% pure gold. Most gold bars today contain 99.9% or even 99.99% pure gold.

Which 10 gram gold bar to buy?

There are several recognized producers around the world that produce 10 gram gold bars. The Silver Mountain only sells gold bars from recognized producers who are LBMA accredited. The most important consideration when making your choice is to make sure that the gold comes from these recognized producers.

This means that these producers meet the strict quality requirements of the London Bullion Market Association. The authenticity of the gold bar is thus guaranteed. Furthermore, you know that you can easily sell or trade your 10 gram gold bar again in the future.

In addition, we test all gold bars that we buy from private individuals for authenticity. This way we guarantee that all gold bars you buy are made of real gold. Gold bars that we purchase from private individuals are cheaper to purchase and are often somewhat older. It is not always common for older gold bars to come with a certificate of authenticity, since most gold bar manufacturers only started packaging the gold bars in these certificates around 2018. Older gold bars have the same weight and content, but do not always have such a certificate.

Regardless of which gold bar you choose, at The Silver Mountain you are guaranteed high-quality gold bars. Each 10 gram gold bar will show the weight, grade and the brand name of the manufacturer on the bar.

Alternative 10 gram gold bar

If you do not want to buy a 10 gram gold bar, but prefer other weights. You can choose from twelve different weights, making it possible for everyone to invest in physical gold. A popular alternative is the 20 gram gold bar, or the 5 gram gold bar. Did you know that there are also golden combi bars of 10x 1 gram? This way you can - just like with a chocolate bar - divide the gold into small pieces per 1 gram.

Do you have questions about investing in physical gold? Please feel free to contact us. We have also drawn up a Precious Metal Guide where you can easily see the difference between the different gold bars.

Sell ​​10 grams of gold bar

We provide a buy-back guarantee for all our 10 gram gold bars. If you sell the gold bar of 10 grams to us, we will pay 98% of the gold price at that time. This way you can be sure of a simple sales process at transparent prices.

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