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Buy 20 gram gold bars

Buy 20 gram gold bars

The 20 gram gold bars are minted in 99.99% pure gold and sold at a competitive price compared to the current gold price. We guarantee the authenticity of all the gold we sell, all our 20 gram gold bars come from LBMA accredited and world renowned producers such as C. Hafner and Umicore. We also offer various combibars weighing 20 grams.

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Gold bar 20 grams

Are you looking for one or more 20 gram gold bars to buy? At The Silver Mountain you will find gold bars from various recognized producers, like Umicore, C.Hafner and Hereaus. We supply, among other things, newly cast gold bars with a certificate of authenticity.
All 20 gram gold bars are struck in 99.99% pure gold. This is the highest standard in the market. Because these gold bars are 99.99% pure gold, they are seen as an investment product and therefore exempt from VAT. This makes it interesting for private individuals to invest in physical gold this way.

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Buy 20 grams gold bar

You buy gold bars from accredited producers with us. All gold bars come from LBMA-accredited producers, which means that the producers meet the highest requirements of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and the gold bars are easily tradable worldwide.
All 20-gram gold bars from LBMA-accredited producers are, have a unique bar number and certificate of authenticity. Usually the packaging serves as the certificate of authenticity and this certificate therefore displays the same bar number as in the gold bar itself.
We also buy gold bars from private individuals, these are always checked for authenticity. This guarantees the authenticity of the gold bar. These gold bars are not always available, depending on market conditions and these 20 gram gold bars are usually slightly cheaper to purchase. The weight and content of all gold bars is the same.

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Buy partible gold bars 20 grams

If you want to buy 20 grams of gold that can be divided into smaller units, choose our gold combi bars. A gold combi bar is a bar that consists of smaller gold bars that can be divided into separate gold bars per 1 gram. 
The concept is similar to a chocolate bar. It therefore gives a lot of flexibility when buying gold, because in a future sale you can choose to break off a number of grams and then you do not have to sell the full 20 grams right away.

Combi bar of 20 gram
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Alternatives for buying 20 grams gold bar

In addition to the popular gold combi bars, we offer even more alternative weights for the 20 gram gold bar. You can choose from twelve different weights, making it possible for everyone to invest in physical gold. Globally, for example, the 1 troy ounce gold bar is the most common type. This is a gold bar of 31.103 grams of pure gold. The gold price is also often expressed in troy ounces, so that the value of such a gold bar is known worldwide.
Do you have questions about investing in physical gold? Please feel free to contact us. We have also drawn up a Precious Metal Guide in which you can find out how the prices of our gold bars are determined, what the difference is between the buying and selling price and what the difference is between gold coins and gold bars.

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Buy-back guarantee gold bar 20 grams

We provide a buyback guarantee of with a fixed bid percentage based on the current gold price for all our 20-gram gold bars. This allows you to always sell your gold bar to us, for a fixed percentage of the current gold price. We purchase gold bars through our sister company Inkoop Edelmetaal (Dutch site)

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Frequently asked questions about 20 gram gold bars

How is the price of a 20-gram gold bar determined?

The price of a 20 gram gold bar is more than just the current gold price. There are several factors that determine the final price:

  • Intrinsic value: This is the current gold price of gold at the time. This price is determined by supply and demand in the world market.
  • Cost of production: With this comes the cost to produce the gold bar. This includes mining the gold, refining and casting the bar.
  • Profit margin: Precious metal dealers and smelters add a profit margin to the price to cover their costs and make a profit. This margin typically ranges between 1% and 5% for gold, depending on the product type and the seller.

What are pre-owned gold bars?

Pre-owned gold bars are gold bars that have been in circulation before. These gold bars have been purchased from individuals, after which they have been carefully inspected for quality, authenticity and purity. Only after the most stringent inspections are pre-owned gold bars offered again. Although these bars are circulated, they retain the same intrinsic value as new gold bars of the same weight and grade.


Pre-owned bars are often offered at a more competitive price than newly minted gold bars. This is because the price of pre-owned bars no longer includes the cost of production, as this is already factored into the initial purchase. 

Why buy a combibar?

In addition to the standard 20-gram one-piece gold bars, The Silver Mountain also sells a 20 x 1-gram combibar and a 20 x 1-gram C. Hafner smartpack. The biggest advantage of a combibar is the flexibility of these unique gold bars.


Whereas standard 20-gram gold bars are logically traded per 20 grams, this is not the case with the so-called combibars. One can choose to divide these gold bars into smaller gold bars of 1 gram and sell them separately. On each loose gold bar the producer and the gold content are mentioned, so that the origin of the loose gold bars can be traced. 

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