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  • Umicore 20 grams goldbar with certificate front
  • Umicore 20 grams goldbar with certificate back

Umicore 20 grams goldbar with certificate

1.497,00 Per piece 74,85 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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The 20-gram Umicore gold bar comes with a certificate of authenticity and is struck in 99.99% pure gold. The Umicore 20-gr... The 20-gram Umicore gold bar comes with a certificate of authenticity and is struck in 99.99% pure gold. The Umicore 20-gram gold bar is easily tradable worldwide.
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Selling price
€ 1.497,00
Price per gram
€ 74,85
20 gram
Certificate of authenticity


Buying a 20 gram Umicore gold bar 

This 20-gram Umicore gold bar is produced by the Belgian Umicore. Umicore is an LBMA Good Delivery Refiner. This ensures that gold bars from this refinery are easily tradable and are recognised worldwide as pure gold (99.99%). Each Umicore gold bar of 20 grams of gold is supplied with the certificate of authenticity and in original packaging. The 20-gram gold bar carries a unique bar number or serial number, which is depicted on the bar itself and is also mentioned in the packaging with the certificate of authenticity.
Purchasing gold in the form of gold bars is interesting, as the production costs of gold bars are typically lower than gold coins of a similar weight. The 20-gram denomination is a relatively small and accessible denomination.
Umicore gold bars are sold as investment gold, which means that it is possible to buy gold without paying VAT. Investment gold is exempt from tax, making it a cost-effective choice when buying gold.

Design of the 20 gram Umicore gold bar 

On the Umicore gold bar itself, the same details are found that are confirmed on the certificate. UMICORE, the brand name is depicted centrally on the gold bar with the text FINE GOLD below, flanked by the weight, 20g, and on the other side, the content 999.9.
On the packaging of the gold bar, the UMICORE logo is depicted in the top right, with a yellow-coloured text, Certificate, below it. The text underneath is a list of the description of the gold bar, including weight, content and bar number.

Umicore gold bars 

Umicore is a leading refinery in Belgium with a history dating back to the early 1800s. The Umicore gold bars are largely made from scrap gold from the Benelux, which is purified at the refinery to 99.99% pure gold.
The 20-gram gold bar is always supplied with the original plastic seal. The Umicore gold bars can always be sold back to us. We then offer you a fixed bid percentage with a bid price based on the current gold price.


  • Gold bar of 20 grams of pure gold (99.99%)
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Favourable buyback guarantee based on the current gold price

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The Belgian company Umicore specializes in various valuable materials, including gold and platinum. Additionally, Umicore is active with numerous other materials, such as technical compounds of cobalt, and even materials used for solar energy generation. Umicore has branches in the Netherlands (formerly Schone Edelmetaal), Belgium, and Germany, and is also active outside Europe in the mining, processing, and smelting of metals.