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The silver Britannia coin is minted by The Royal Mint from England. This coin is one of the most common European investment coins. The new Britannia coins also feature a security decal which makes it a wise choice when buying silver coins. The Britannia is often one of the cheaper silver investment coins, making it an economical choice when buying silver.

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The silver Britannia coin is issued in different weights:

  • 10 troy ounce silver Britannia coin
  • 1 kilo silver Britannia coin Proof
  • 1 troy ounce silver Britannia coin
  • 1 troy ounce silver Britannia coin Proof
  • 6-piece silver Britannia set Proof
  • 1/4 troy ounce silver Britannia coin

The silver 1 troy ounce Britannia coins have been issued by The Royal Mint since 1997. This silver coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of pure (99.99%) silver with a face value of £2.

The 1 troy ounce silver Britannia coins are sold under the margin scheme and are therefore popular among investors in silver. You can choose between the coins of the current year, or of previous years (if available). The new coins will be delivered through official distributors of The Royal Mint.

Silver Britannia coins from previous years are cheaper to purchase, because they are purchased from private individuals. However, these coins are not always available. This year's Britannia silver coins are always available and competitively priced. An additional advantage of the new Britannia coins is that they have an innovative authenticity feature. This way, the authenticity of the coins can be easily demonstrated.

Design silver Britannia coin

Britannia, designed by Philip Nathan, is depicted on the silver Britannia coins. Britannia has a long history with the United Kingdom and its coins. Britannia has been a symbol of the country of England for over 2,000 years, ever since the Romans invaded the British Isles and renamed these islands the province of Britannia.

Britannia was first used on coins of Roman Emperor Hadrian around AD 199 and her likeness was found on coins issued under the reign of Charles II in 1672. Since this re-introduction to the coin, she has never been removed from it. Because Britannia has been on the mint of Britain for so long and she is instantly recognizable to the British, it was the perfect choice for The Royal Mint to put Britannia on the coin of the international silver market.

The effigy of Britannia is a symbol of United Kingdom and its history. The helmeted and armed Britannia (often depicted with a shield and waves at her feet) symbolizes a martial maiden, the emblem of England and the United Kingdom. The trident in her hand symbolizes dominion over the oceans and the classic tunic is a reference to the Roman past.

Britannia remains a symbol of strength and progression. She has a reassuring familiar presence, who is always on guard on the shore despite the constant changes. Britannia is a national icon and the coins bearing her symbolize the heritage of British mints for investors around the world.

Security features Britannia silver coin

To prevent counterfeiting of the silver Britannia coin, four security features have been added to the coin since 2021. These features are:

  • Latent feature: A hologram effect where the padlock turns into a trident when viewed from a different angle.

  • Surface animation: Micro details created by means of special laser engravings on the coin that give the visual effect that the waves are in motion.

  • Micro-text: The inscription DECUS ET TUTAMEN, in English “an ornament and a safeguard”, around the Britannia effigy was created by means of special laser technology.

  • Tincture lines: A traditional art form in which colors and patterns are depicted on metal.

By adding the above features, the Royal Mint guarantees that your coin is genuine. For coins that are purchased from private individuals, we always check whether the coin is genuine. With this, The Silver Mountain guarantees that you always buy authentic coins.

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