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Purchase 1 kilo silver coins at The Silver Mountain

Buy your 1 kilo silver coins for the best price at The Silver Mountain. These kilo coins and coins bars from recognized producers are very popular in Europe as an alternative to silver bars, which are taxed with 21% VAT.

Silver kilo coins

Australia's Perth Mint has minted several kilo coins in pure silver, including the Kookaburra, Koala and Lunar. These are impressive coins with a diameter of no less than 100mm struck in 99.9% pure silver. The kilo coins are particularly popular in Europe as an alternative to silver bars that have to be taxed with 21% VAT. These coins are also popular among collectors because the design of the coin is changed every year.

Buy kilo coins

Silver kilo coins are a good option when you, as an individual, want to invest large amounts in physical silver. As a rule, the larger the weight, the lower the difference between the purchase price and the silver price.

The kilo coins have a diameter of more than 10 centimetres. This makes one kilo coins about the size of the inside of the average adult hand. All coins have a net weight of 1 kilo of silver and are struck in 99.9% pure silver.

Issues of the kilo coins

Silver kilo coins are mainly issued by the Perth Mint. This mint has several series such as the Koala, Lunar and Kookaburra.

These series have a new silver kilo variant every year, with the design changing. This makes these coins popular not only with investors but also with collectors.

Silver kilo coins or bars

If you want to invest in silver for a large amount, this is possible with silver one-kilo coins or silver bars.

If you are purchasing as a private individual, investing in silver kilo coins is the best choice. This is because silver coins are exempt from VAT and fall under the so-called "margin scheme". The margin scheme means that VAT is only calculated on our profit margin. If we purchase a silver coin for EUR 10 and then sell it for EUR 11, there is a profit margin of EUR 1. We must then pay VAT on this profit margin. Silver bars are subject to 21% VAT and are therefore a less advantageous option as an individual.

In addition, you will receive a considerably better price if you sell your silver coins back to us. We currently offer 107% of the current silver price for coins and 98% for silver bars.

If you want to buy silver for business, we advise you to choose silver bars. This is because you can reclaim VAT on silver bars from the tax authorities. You can find more about VAT on our page on tax issues when buying gold and silver.

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