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Buy gold combibar

Combibars are gold bars in small denominations produced in a smart, low-cost way. In late 2011, this concept - similar to a chocolate bar - was introduced: the gold bar can be broken down into small pieces of 1 or 0.5 grams of pure gold. Where regular 1 gram gold bars are very expensive, the gold combibar is an excellent and significantly cheaper alternative.

These combibars are available in different sizes and allow you to easily trade per gram of gold. Each gold bar is printed with the producer's logo, weight and gold content.

Why buy gold combibars?

Combi gold bars are only 3% more expensive than a gold Maple Leaf. The advantage of this gold bar is its optimal flexibility. This is because you can break off pieces of gold bars and use this as a medium of exchange in an emergency scenario. Selling combi bars is also a lot more flexible, as you can decide how much you want to sell.

How many gold bars should I buy?

When buying smaller gold bars, it is a lot cheaper to buy one gold combibar of 50 x1 grams, than to buy 50 gold bars of 1 gram. This can quickly save hundreds of euros on the purchase. As with other gold bars, the rule is: "The bigger the gold bar, the lower the production cost is." So with gold Combibars, you are cheaper to buy and still have flexibility when selling your gold bars.

How can I sell the combi bars?

The idea behind the gold combi bars is, that you don't have to sell an entire gold bar right away when reselling. The combi bars can be divided into 50 x 0.5 grams, 10 x 1 grams, 20 x 1 grams or 50 x 1 grams of pure gold. This is because all combi bars are struck in 99.99% pure gold. All combi bars have Good Delivery Status with the LBMA, making them tradable worldwide without analysis. In addition, it is easy to break your combibars by hand. You no longer need to sell the entire number of grams of gold purchased immediately on a sale, a smaller quantity is also possible.

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