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Purchase silver Germania Mint coins at The Silver Mountain

The Polish Germania Mint issues several series of collectible coins with the image of Germania, such as the Germania bullion series and the Germania Allegories. The Germania Mint is a recognized producer of silver coins and silver bars.

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Buy silver coins from Germania Mint

Germania Mint has released several successful series of (collector) coins, such as the popular Germania bullion coins and the Germania Allegories coins. Germania Mint's silver coins are minted in both BU and PROOF quality and are therefore also very popular with collectors.

Germania Bullion coins
The design of the Germania silver coins is based on the patriotic fighter 'Germania', the female figure that Germany began to identify with in the 19th century. Since 2019, Germania has been depicted in a different design every year on the silver coins of this series. The reverse of the coin features the design of Germania Mint's coat of arms: a two-headed eagle with lightning bolts surrounded by olive branches.

Germania Allegories coins
A popular series from the Germania Mint's collection is the Allegories series. This series features an effigy of the female personifications of various countries from Europe to South and North America. Each year, the series features an effigy of Germania with a personification of a different country next to her. Since 2019, several designs have included Brittania, Colombia and Polina.

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