1 troy ounce gold Kangaroo
1 troy ounce gold Kangaroo

1 troy ounce gold Kangaroo

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Buy gold and silver at The Silver Mountain

The Silver Mountain offers you physical gold and silver at the best price in Europe. We supply well-known investment coins such as the Maple Leaf, the Krugerrand and Golden Ten guilder coins. At The Silver Mountain you can buy gold and silver, which are often directly available from stock. Our competitive prices are based on the current gold and silver price.

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South African Mint

The South African Mint is responsible for minting all South African rand coins on behalf of its owner, the South African Reserve Bank. Located in Centurion, Gauteng near South Africa's capital Pretoria, the mint produces coins for both domestic and international markets.

China Gold Coin Corporation

The China Gold Coin Corporation is the official mint of China and also the only body that trades in Chinese coins in both gold and silver. The China Gold Coin Corporation is actively developing and expanding the Chinese precious metals market at all times. With beautiful, high-quality coins that are sought after all over the world, China Gold Coin Corporation has grown into a global player.


The Belgian company Umicore specializes in various (valuable) materials, including gold and platinum. But in addition to gold, Umicore is active in countless materials such as technical compounds of cobalt, and even materials used for generating solar energy. Umicore has sites in the Netherlands (formerly Schone Edelmetaal), Belgium and Germany and is also active outside Europe in the extraction, processing and smelting of metals.


Valcambi is a Swiss producer of gold bars and silver bars. The producer is best known for the combi bars, gold bars in various sizes of, for example, 20x 1 gram and 10x 1 gram, where the bars can be broken down like chocolate bars, making the gold easy to trade in pieces of 1 gram of pure gold.

All gold bars are stamped with the manufacturer's logo, the weight and an indication of the 99.9% pure gold content. Naturally, Valcambi is also a recognized producer with Good Delivery Status. As a result, Valcambi gold bars are easily traded and accepted worldwide.


Heraeus is a German international family business and producer of gold and silver bars. Heraeus is one of the market leaders in precious metals worldwide. Heraeus has a so-called "Good Delivery Status" from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which ensures that Heraeus bars are easily tradable worldwide. In addition to producing bars, Heraeus is also involved in other things, including precious metals, medical technology and special light source.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is located in the Australian city of Perth. It is the longest active 'coin' in the country: coins are minted that are legal tender and the Perth Mint also regularly mints special collector coins in limited editions.

The company is engaged in the production of gold coins, silver coins, as well as platinum and palladium. The coins are very popular with collectors all over the world and the Perth Mint is known for the high quality of the coins.

Munze Osterreich

Munze Osterreich is also known as Austrian Mint and is an Austrian mint that is responsible for payment traffic in Austria. Munze Osterreich is a global player in the international coin industry and is known for the impressive collectible coins they supply to many countries around the world. In their beautiful building in Vienna, they combine craftsmanship with tradition and create beautiful coins using leading technologies. Much of this has been developed by their own numismatic experts. Munze Osterreich coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike. In addition to minting coins, Munze Osterreich supplies roundels to other countries. Rondelles are discs of silver or gold that can be used to make coins. Munze Osterreich has been owned by the Austrian National Bank since 1989 and produces about 450 million coins per year.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint produces all coins for payment transactions in Canada. But it doesn't stop there: silver, gold and platinum coins are made for investors and collectors – and Royal Canadian Mint also supplies coins to other countries.

They are known for the Maple Leaf coins, among other things. In addition, the Royal Canadian Mint supplies collectible coins, often minted in silver, with the wildlife series being very popular.

Royal Mint UK

The Royal Mint is the official mint of the United Kingdom and has a rich history of more than 1,100 years. During these 1,100 years, the Mint has served the United Kingdom through times of war, political upheaval, and social and economic progress. The Royal Mint is therefore also known for its innovative strength and is seen as a true frontrunner in the world of minting. Given the role the Royal Mint has played, there is a Royal Mint Museum located in the Royal Mint itself in Llantrisant, South Wales. The museum showcases the fascinating history of the Royal Mint and many of its minted coins, including experimental coins, artwork and tools. The quality of the Royal Mint's coins is excellent due to the innovative product techniques and technologies used during the minting of the coins.

Germania Mint

The Germania Mint is a German bullion manufacturer that also specializes in commemorative coins. The coins of the Germania Mint rich in details. These details set the coins apart from the rest, which is why they are highly sought after by collectors.

The name of the Germania Mint comes from the ancient land of Germania. Germania is an ancient country that consisted of present-day Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Germania used to be inhabited by about five million inhabitants, mainly of Germanic tribes, but it is unclear exactly how Germania originated.

US Mint

The United States Mint is the official mint of the United States. This mint was established in 1792 by means of the Coinage Act of 1792 and the Silver Eagle, Golden Eagle and other investment coins are minted at this mint.

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