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Buy C. Hafner gold bars

Buy C. Hafner gold bars

C. Hafner is a producer accredited by LBMA which holds the Good Delivery Status. C. Hafner gold bars are easily bought and sold worldwide. The bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram and all bars are issued in 99.99% pure gold.

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Buy gold bars of C. Hafner

C. Hafner is an LBMA-accredited producer with Good Delivery Status. All these gold bars are highly marketable worldwide, without further analysis. The gold bars are sold with 0% VAT as investment gold.
C. Hafner is a renowned precious metal refiner from Germany and has sustainability high on its agenda. Therefore, C. Hafner is the first and so far the only refinery with a CO2 neutral recycling process and CO2 neutral gold.
C. Hafner gold bars are often purchased as an investment and as an alternative to gold coins. The most common consideration for buying gold bars instead of gold coins is price. Gold bars are often cheaper to produce than gold coins. This difference is reflected in the price per gram and therefore in the purchase price. This is especially true for C. Hafner gold bars starting at 50 grams.

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Different weights

C. Hafner Smartbox with gold bars

C. Hafner produces gold bars from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram and struck in 99.99% pure gold. Each newly minted gold bar comes in the original sealed blister packaging with certificate of authenticity. This certificate names the producer, weight and pure gold content, among other things.
In addition to single gold bars, C. Hafner also sells so-called smartboxes and smartpacks. These combibars are known for their flexibility. In fact, you can choose to sell only part of this gold bar and use it as a medium of exchange. At The Silver Mountain we sell the 10 x 1 gram Smartpack, the 20 x 1 gram Smartpack and the 25 x 1 gram Smartbox.

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Buy-back guarantee on C. Hafner gold bars

The Silver Mountain provides a buy-back guarantee on all gold bars you buy from us, including C. Hafner gold bars. On all gold bars you sell back to us, you will receive a bid guarantee with a fixed bid percentage at the current gold price.

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Frequently asked questions about C. Hafner gold bars

Where do C. Hafner gold bars come from?

C. Hafner is a renowned precious metal refiner that has been located in Pforzheim, Germany since 1850. They are LBMA accredited and on the Good Delivery List, which means that their gold bars meet the strictest standards for quality and authenticity.

What is the difference between C. Hafner and Umicore gold bars?

Both C. Hafner and Umicore are renowned producers of gold bars that provide high-quality products that meet the strictest standards for quality and authenticity. Basically, there are few significant differences between C. Hafner and Umicore gold bars.


Some minor differences are:

  • The options in weights, C. Hafner issues a 2 gram gold bar, where Umicore opts for the 2.5 gram gold bar. In addition, C. Hafner provides a Smartbox (of 25x 1 gram) and Smartpacks of 10 x 1 gram and 20 x 1 gram. 
  • Price, the C. Hafner gold bars tend to be comparatively slightly cheaper than the Umicore gold bars. 
  • Familiarity, although both suppliers are very well known, Umicore is just a bit better known within the Netherlands.

How can I verify C. Hafner gold bars for authenticity?

There are several ways to verify for yourself the authenticity of C. Hafner gold bars:

  • A visual inspection: You can check the hallmark, weight and dimensions.
  • Testing: You can test gold bars a magnet test. Gold is not magnetic. If a bar sticks to a magnet, it is not completely made of (real) gold.


At The Silver Mountain, we guarantee the gold we sell. Our gold comes only from approved producers or thoroughly subjected to a professional authenticity check.

How can I sell my C. Hafner gold bars if the gold price rises?

You can sell your gold bars - regardless of weight and quantity - through The Silver Mountain's buying site. At Buyback Precious Metal, we work with fixed bid rates that work with the current gold price. Our bid prices are updated every three minutes to reflect the most current gold price.


You can choose to ship your gold bars to us or (by appointment) bring them by our offices in Baarn and The Hague. Read more about our process for selling bullion (dutch) on our customer service page. 

How can I store C. Hafner gold bars?

There are several options for safely storing C. Hafner gold bars. You can choose to process gold bars at home, such as in a vault. In addition, you can also choose to store your gold safely and insured with a party specializing in storing precious metals.


At The Silver Mountain, we work with Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland (EBN). At EBN, your gold bars are stored safely and insured registered in your name. There are branches in the Netherlands and Switzerland. The storage of precious metals is offered under license from the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets). Would you like to know more about the storage of C. Hafner gold bars? Then read our customer service page storage for more information. 

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