Buying platinum bars

AAs a private person, you can buy platinum bars cheaply by having them stored in a bonded warehouse in Switzerland. Because the platinum is stored there, you can buy physical platinum, but you do not have to pay 21% VAT. After all, the platinum is never imported into the Netherlands. Moreover, within this depot you can easily sell your platinum again. The platinum bars we offer for storage in Switzerland come from Valcambi, a Swiss licensed producer. All these platinum bars are minted at 99.95% and each bar weighs 1 troy ounce (31.103 grams).

It is also possible to buy a platinum bar and store it yourself. Then choose platinum bars without storage. Or have your platinum bar stored in the Netherlands by our partner Edelmetaal Beheer Nederland.

Buy platinum bars with Good Delivery status

At The Silver Mountain, you can only buy platinum bars with Good Delivery status. This means that the platinum bars come from recognized producers and the platinum bar consists of at least 99.95% pure platinum. This Good Delivery status also ensures that you can easily sell your platinum bar, without further analysis, worldwide if you wish.

Buy platinum bars at The Silver Mountain

Buying platinum bars at The Silver Mountain is always at a price linked to the current platinum price. We always use the most recent platinum price.

At The Silver Mountain, it is possible to sell your platinum bar back to us. We apply a buy-back guarantee of 95% of the then current platinum price.

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