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  • Gold coin 50 ECU Belgium front
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Gold coin 50 ECU Belgium

1.169,00 Per piece 75,42 Per gram

The price per gram is calculated by dividing the price per piece by the netto weight of the coin.

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The gold 50 ECU coin is struck in 90% fine gold. With a net gold weight of 15.55 grams, this is a half Troy ounce coin. The c... The gold 50 ECU coin is struck in 90% fine gold. With a net gold weight of 15.55 grams, this is a half Troy ounce coin. The coin has a diameter of 29 mm and is 1.8 mm thick.
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Selling price
€ 1.169,00
Price per gram
€ 75,42
Net weight
1/2 troy ounce (15,5 gram)
17,22 gram
Year of issue


Gold coin 50 ECU from Belgium

Two varieties of the Belgian gold ECU were minted. Between 1987 and 1988, the coins were minted with a purity of 90%. Where the coin weighs 17.28 grams. From 1989, the Belgian ECU was minted in 99.9% gold, weighing 15.55 grams. In both cases, the amount of pure gold is the same.
ECU stands for European Currency Unit, a forerunner of the Euro. However, the ECU did not have the function that currency normally has for citizens, but was mainly used to minimise fluctuations between national currencies and international financial transactions. The International Monetary Fund's SDR currently performs the same function. This coin had a face value of ECU 50. The Belgian 50 ECU has different designs, as each year has a unique design. This version of the coin depicts Charles V.

Design Golden 50 ECU coin

Gold coin 50 ECU Belgium front


The obverse of the coin features the emperor Charles V. Surrounding the portrait of Charles V is the Latin text CAROLVS. D. G. ROM. IIMP. HISP. REX. DVX. BVRK. C. F. This means ‘Charles, by the grace of God, Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Duke of Burgundy and Brabant and Count of Flanders’.


The reverse of the coin shows the face value of ECU 50, along with the year of issue. The 12 stars symbolise the 12 countries of the European Monetary Union. In outer ring, the country of origin is indicated. In fact, this coin was issued in four countries, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium.

Buy-back guarantee

Gold coins are sold by The Silver Mountain under the 0% VAT rate as investment gold. In addition, we offer a buy-back guarantee with a fixed bid price based on the current gold price. This means that you can easily offer your coin back to us at any time. You can thus sell your coin at fixed formulas compared to the current gold and silver price.
We buy gold coins from private individuals through our sister company Inkoop Edelmetaal. Our bid prices are displayed on this site and are fixed when you place an order. So it is always clear for what amount you can sell your 50 ECU gold coin back to us. 


  • ½ troy ounce of pure gold (99.99%) 
  • Gold coin of Belgian origin
  • Unique design

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